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Prophecy fulfilled

Fran and Bill Myers were meant to move to Wind Crest, and now they have

Julia Collins
March 14, 2018

Bill and Fran Myers were Wind Crest ambassadors ten years before moving to the Highlands Ranch, Colo., Erickson Living community. Now that they've lived there for nearly a year, all their expectations have been confirmed—and they have a gaggle of friends to pal around with along with all the new ones they make daily.

"For ten years, I was a preacher at our community [Heritage Eagle Bend] to tell everybody to move here," Fran says. They lived at the 55-plus community in Aurora for 16 years.

Thanks to Fran and Bill's praise, two couples took their advice two years ago. Then another, then another. And two more will move to the new residence building, Mt. Rosa Court, when it opens this spring.

Unique retirement community

"We were active in golf, dinner clubs, chorale; we were really very active. We knew we couldn't go back to a regular neighborhood," says Fran. "But we also knew our time was limited to climb the steps and take care of a large yard. We wanted to move while we could really enjoy all the amenities and lifestyle here."

And that they are.

They're active in Wind Crest's chorale, Catholic community, and fitness center. They downhill ski and have enjoyed living closer to the mountains this ski season.

With warmer weather, they plan to walk and bike the High Line Canal Trail. "It's quite nice in the spring, summer, and fall," Bill says.

They opened up their home to friends and neighbors for a musical evening before Christmas. Fran, who has played piano since she was seven, played Christmas carols along with Jane Davis on flute and Gary McCulloch on sax.

"We had a great time," says Jane.

Their home, a large two-bedroom, two-bath Silverton-style home with a sunroom and balcony in the Longs Ridge residence building that opened last year, accommodated their guests—and Fran's grand piano—perfectly. In fact, they chose that particular model for those reasons.

"It was one of the only floor plans that would comfortably fit my grand piano," Fran says. They fell in love with it for its three sides of windows and space for a dining room table—though they now realize the dining room is unnecessary.

"We didn't need dining room items because there are six restaurants here and another one opening soon," Bill says. "The food is excellent, and the service is very well done. So to be active in the kitchen is really not necessary because of getting 20 or 30 meals a month depending on your meal plan. We socialize over meals at Wind Crest at the various restaurants and cafes. Everybody does that, and it's quite nice."

Perfect timing

While Bill and Fran had been on the priority list since before Wind Crest was open, they purposely moved when they did.

Joining the priority list is simple. Members pay a fully refundable $1,000 deposit and a $150-per-person, nonrefundable application fee. Once this deposit is made, the date is noted as the member's priority list date. Members are encouraged to select a preferred floor plan style that, once available, will be offered to them with the right of first refusal based on their joining date.

The Myers' early priority list date enabled them to get their first choice of apartment home in a brand-new residence building—an opportunity priority list members will take advantage of when Mt Rosa Court opens in May.

"Moving to Wind Crest when we did allowed us to be in a new large building with other new residents, making it easy to meet other people. Everybody seems eager to meet each other," says Bill.

Rest assured

Aside from all the frills and friendships, Fran and Bill say Wind Crest has practical benefits too.

First, Bill says, "Wind Crest is very accommodating. It's a well-run operation overall that gives great confidence for the long-term future."

Second, he adds, "It's a good financial decision because they refund 90% of your purchase price, and it's a financially secure promise of getting it back. They have it well thought out." Bill owned an employee benefits and health insurance brokerage.

Third, Fran appreciates Wind Crest's home for life commitment. Wind Crest is a not-for-profit community dedicated to supporting individuals who experience a genuine and unforeseen change in their financial situation. Wind Crest provides several options for community members to protect their future (full details are in the Residence and Care Agreement).

"[Living here is] for the rest of your life," Fran says, "because Wind Crest has other financial sources they can use to make a difference."

Finally, Bill says Wind Crest's on-site continuing care community has remained one of the most important reasons they chose to live at Wind Crest—not only because it's there, but because it's so top-notch.

"We took a tour of one of the 'progressive' features of Wind Crest, which is continuing care and memory care. It has expansion capabilities so that as people age, there is a progressive [process], and that's another reassuring thing for the long-term future," he says.