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How To Make the Most of The Seller's Market

By Lisa Sicilia, Ann's Choice Planning and Moving Consultant
January 31, 2024
senior couple meeting with planning and moving consultant

The current supply of houses for sale remains incredibly low, according to the latest Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors, which means that the strong seller's market continues. 

This presents a fantastic opportunity for the retirees I currently work with, who are eager to sell their houses and move to Ann's Choice, one of several Erickson Senior Living communities across the country! 

As a member of the Erickson Realty and Moving Services program, I maintain relationships with preferred vendors--like trusted real estate agents--who ensure that future residents maximize the many advantages of the current real estate market. 

For those who are not yet ready to move, our real estate agents can help you create a plan for the future. For those who are ready, enlisting the help of one of our hand-picked partners is the first and most important step in receiving the best possible price for your house. 

Each of our preferred real estate agents is selected because of their top-notch client care and expert services--offering in-depth market analysis; providing unmatched knowledge of the neighborhoods where they are selling; and creating customized move plans, unique to each person's needs and goals. 

Plus, as Erickson Realty and Moving Services partners, these real estate agents know what it takes to seamlessly move to an Erickson Senior Living community!

Getting started

Choosing the right representative for your home sale begins with perusing the list of preferred real estate agents. I typically suggest interviewing at least two before making your choice. 

Once you've selected an agent, they'll work with the planning and moving consultant at your desired Erickson Senior Living community to schedule a visit at your house. The goal of this visit is to develop a personalized plan for selling your house. Nailing down all the details early makes the selling and moving process as streamlined as possible!

In my experience, many incoming Erickson Senior Living residents are selling the houses they've lived in for the last 20 or even 30 years. Our caring real estate agents take that into consideration when discussing options and brainstorming concise, practical plans. 

Making a good impression

Many well-loved homes require a little TLC--and possibly some upgrades--before they go on the market. But does a new refrigerator take precedence over a fresh coat of paint? Our preferred real estate agents can answer all of your renovation and staging questions! 

But, given the strength of the current seller's market, agents often advise against spending money on repairs that may not be recouped in the sales price. They have seen that buyers are expecting to make upgrades based on their own specific tastes and desires.

At the same time, catching buyers' interest often relies on initial impressions, so sellers are encouraged to make simple changes that appeal to a wide range of buyers. To prepare a house for a fast and successful sale, we recommend thoroughly decluttering the space and making small changes. 

Experience matters

Once your house goes on the market, your preferred real estate agent will create the crucial social media presence needed to provide maximum exposure--while keeping your privacy top of mind. 

Finally, when offers start coming in, your agent's negotiating skills will ensure the bid you accept is the best one.

It's important to note that, throughout the entire selling and moving process, you always remain in the driver's seat. Our real estate agents simply provide the support and expertise you need to receive the best negotiated price and a stress-free move! 

Find a community near you to learn more about the top-notch realty and moving services you can take advantage of to make the most of today's housing market.