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It's Never Too Early to Have a Plan for Your Senior Living Future

By Nancy Worthington, Personal Moving Consultant
March 1, 2022

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan."

These words ring especially true when it comes to planning a future move to a retirement community. As a personal moving consultant at Tallgrass Creek, an Erickson Senior Living community in Overland Park, Kansas, I work with people preparing for an upcoming move every day.

And by far, the people who have the easiest time facing their move are the ones who made a plan in advance. There are so many reasons to start early, but the primary benefit is time.

Advance planning for moving into Senior Living

Whether it is two or ten years prior to when you think you’ll move, planning in advance gives you plenty of time to share your decision with family members, figure out the logistics of getting rid of unwanted household items and selling your house, and prepare your new home for your arrival.

Here are some steps to consider as you begin to put a plan in place:

1. Talk to family about your decision

Taking the time to discuss your moving plans with family members can help streamline the process. Start conversations about the personal possessions you plan to move with you and the items you wish to share with loved ones. Reflect on the memories that are tied to each object - and pass them on to the next generation!

2. Work with the pros at Tallgrass Creek Senior Living

Use this opportunity to think about who could make your move run more smoothly. At Tallgrass Creek, we offer the support of a team of professionals - most of whom have been a part of our team since the community first opened. They have extensive expertise and contacts among the top real estate agents, senior move managers, and moving companies.

3. Downsize with confidence

Planning ahead for a future move also provides the time to approach downsizing without feeling rushed. Many people find that downsizing - from a large house you’ve lived in for years or even decades - is the most dreaded part of the moving process.

But, with time on your side and the expert resources to take action properly, downsizing can be a stress-free and even liberating experience.

I help people downsize by getting to know their unique needs and preferences and finding out what’s most important to them. Most people already know what “big” items they wish to move with them.

However, other items are not always as easy to address, such as what to do with filing cabinets full of documents or sentimental collectibles. I can help you address this uncertainty and then, consequently, downsize with confidence.

4. Design your new customized home at Tallgrass

Now, it’s time for the fun part: getting to participate in the furniture placement and customization of your new home. Once a future resident selects their new apartment home at Tallgrass Creek, I schedule a visit in their current house. I have a wonderful space-planning tool that shows how specific furniture items will fit within the chosen apartment home floor plan.

I enjoy these home visits because they help me understand how a prospective resident “lives” in their current house - seeing what spaces and items they use the most reveals what they will gravitate toward in selecting their apartment home.

Forming a Senior support system

When you’re planning a move, it’s easy to feel like you’re on your own. But, by taking the process step by step, you’ll find the support of others who can lighten the load and help you make the best decision for what you want your future to look like.

Ultimately, planning in advance for a future move provides the time to get it done right.

To learn more about how Tallgrass Creek Senior Living can provide the options and amenities you’re seeking, request a brochure today!