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Join the priority list now, take advantage of booming real estate market

Julia Collins
April 11, 2016

With the blossoming real estate market in the Denver metro area, more and more people are looking to take advantage of low interest rates before they rise, creating a bounty of buyers. For many older adults looking to right-size and move to a maintenance-free lifestyle like Wind Crest in Highlands Ranch, now is the time to sell.

Here, Sales Counselor Molly Thorne-Dhieux answers some of the most frequently asked questions she receives about moving to Wind Crest.

Q: Why is joining the priority list now a smart move for my future?

A: Joining the priority list is an excellent way to set yourself up for success in the future. The more particular you are about what style or location of apartment home you are looking for, the more important it is to be higher on the list. We offer our available apartment homes in chronological order to those who have joined the priority list.  

The Wind Crest priority list is also similar to having a membership in an exclusive club.  You receive information before anyone else and are invited to attend special events just for priority list members.  

Q: If I turn down an apartment home, do I lose my spot on the priority list?  

A: You never lose your place on the list.  By joining, you secure first right of refusal. If you pass on an opportunity, you remain right where you are and we'll come back to you another time.

Q: Wind Crest just opened several new buildings. Are new apartments still available?  

A: There are still several apartment homes in a variety of styles available at Wind Crest. We have several available in our new buildings and a few in our original buildings.

Q: Will Wind Crest be starting construction on any more new buildings?

A: Nothing has been officially announced. However, when it is, only the priority list will know first.

That being said, we have begun initial design and light site work for another building. At this point, we know that nothing will open until 2017.  

Q: If I want to move sooner rather than later, what options are available?  

A: There are some great options for those who are looking to make a move now. We have a wonderful team that can help you find out what's available and select what you really want. We also have someone to help you with the moving process, and realty and moving services are a benefit of priority list membership.