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Get Crafty with Art Supply Downsizing and Storage

Vera Ballard, Personal Moving Consultant
June 13, 2018
Sewing supplies on a desk

One of the best things about retirement is the ability to spend time doing what you enjoy and gaining new hobbies. For many people, that means an artistic endeavor. Whether it's quilting, jewelry-making, knitting, scrapbooking, calligraphy, embroidery, or even basket weaving, crafters are certain to collect a fair amount of supplies.

This can pose a unique challenge during the downsizing process. You want to keep your necessary supplies while also being economical with space. Plus, what do you do with the finished products? Here are a few recommendations:

Organize craft supplies

As with all other downsizing projects, you want to start by getting organized. Any artist or crafter knows that supplies can very easily get jumbled and messy, which makes knowing what to save or discard difficult. By first separating the items into neat piles, you can see everything clearly and make more strategic decisions.

Then, choose storage containers that use space efficiently. Boxes with many small compartments are perfect for smaller items like beads and thread spools. Drawer sets are great for paper, pens and paintbrushes, and fabric. You may also want to look for containers that stack neatly to save space in your closet.

Dedicate a creative space

No matter how much you downsize, prioritize making a creative space in your new home. This can be as simple as a small desk in the living area, with your supplies stored neatly in the drawers or on shelves.

If you have a den or second bedroom, those rooms can easily fit a similar crafting space in addition to a comfortable seating area or a bed for overnight guests—typically with the added benefit of a closet for extra storage.

Preserve your hard work

Most often, the toughest part of downsizing crafts and art supplies is knowing what to do with the finished products. Quilts and blankets cozy up your space while handmade baskets make storage beautiful. Finished scrapbooks fit nicely on bookshelves, displayed for guests.

Best of all, your lovingly created pieces make fabulous gifts for family and friends. They're sure to cherish your beautiful work—while giving you a little extra room in your downsized space.

Enjoy crafting with others at an Erickson Senior Living community

In many cases, crafting can be made even more rewarding by enjoying it with others. At Erickson Senior Living-managed communities, there are endless hobby groups ranging from arts & crafts to friendly card games. Request more information to see how you can get more fulfillment out of your hobbies than ever before.