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A daughter’s peace of mind

Robin Abes applauds her parents’ move to Maris Grove

Dorrie Anshel
February 24, 2020

"Maris Grove has given my mom and dad the life every adult child wants for their parents." 

That lovely sentiment comes from Robin Abes, a retired teacher whose parents Jay and Jean Gang moved to the community in October 2018.  

Before Robin and her husband Bob relocated to Unionville, Pa., 26 years ago, they lived around the corner from her parents. "We're a close family. Being far from my parents was a downside. Having them just minutes away again is fantastic. We've come full circle."

The road to Maris Grove

Jay and Jean had a wonderful life with lots of friends and fulfilling careers, she as a teacher, he as a construction engineer. They raised Robin and her brother Richard in a large home on Long Island. 

Always on the go—Robin calls them "gallivanters"—the Gangs were beginning to feel the burden of managing their house. "My parents are in great shape," she notes, "but they had to drive everywhere. I thought, 'What happens when my dad isn't comfortable driving? They'll be isolated.' That was a big worry."

Robin adds, "Mom and Dad are realists. They knew life in that big house was only going to get harder. I started thinking ahead and, luckily for all of us, I found Maris Grove."

An ideal location

One day, while out with friends in Glen Mills, Robin spied the Maris Grove campus and asked what it was. "My friend said, 'It's like a cruise ship on land,'" she laughs. "I knew my parents would love that. I researched the community, liked what I read, and arranged a tour."

She was impressed by Maris Grove's well-manicured campus, attractive gated entry, and the many amenities they offer. She liked the upscale shops and restaurants close by. It was only 20 minutes from her home. Robin says, "Everything about it felt right. I could see my parents being happy here. It's hard to describe, but Maris Grove just hit on all fronts for us."

Jean and Jay joined the Priority List, reserved the home of their choice, and met many future neighbors at members-only events. When it was time to move, they used Maris Grove's moving coordination services, which are available at no charge. "The entire process was so smooth," says Robin. "Maris Grove made their transition easy."

One year later

Robin says her parents have embraced everything Maris Grove offers with open arms. "They came here to live, and they are living the good life. They're active and independent, but if they ever need additional care, it's at their fingertips. 

"I can't put into words how much peace of mind this gives me and my brother. It's the best decision we could have made."

She's observed several changes, all positive. Before the move, Jay often complained of aches and pains and needed a cane. "Within two months, his spark was back," Robin says. "They started swimming, walking, and doing chair yoga. My dad tossed the cane, and no more complaints. It's fantastic."

Even better, Robin can pop in any time she wants—provided her parents aren't too busy! "They are so close with new friends, it's like they've known each other forever. I'm thrilled when they can squeeze me in," she laughs. 

Robin concludes, "We are the poster children for why Maris Grove is great. Sometimes Mom will call to say, 'We're on the balcony thinking about how lucky we are to be here.' Hearing that fills my heart. The truth is, we're all lucky they're here."