Enjoying more free time

Fox Run allows this working couple to do what they love

Meghan Streit
June 14, 2018

A little less than a year ago, Charles and Sue Nairn decided to sell their four-bedroom house in Hamtramck, Mich., to move to Fox Run, in Novi. Though they now live at a retirement community, neither of the Nairns is technically retired. 

Sue continues to work full time for the Detroit Public Library. She's been employed for almost 30 years with the library system and is currently at the Redford branch.

Charles only recently tapered down from his full-time career as a communications professor at Wayne State University. Although he has developed some mobility issues, he continues to work on consulting projects. He is also working on a book about American face jugs, a type of pottery that depicts a face.

"Hopefully, it will be a nice-looking book and also interesting and helpful to other collectors," Charles says.

Charles spent a total of 17 years at Wayne State. One of the opportunities he had during his career was to work on National Public Radio programs.

"We did several years of radio programs that were a support program for Great Decisions," he says. "That was always really interesting." Great Decisions is a national discussion group covering world affairs

Ideal living situation

One of the things that attracted Charles and Sue to Fox Run was having a home all on one floor, rather than having to deal with stairs. But since moving to the community, they've discovered many other benefits—particularly because they are both still busy with work.

"My wife doesn't have to cook the main meal of the day, and she doesn't have to worry about me if there's a change in my health," Charles says.

Dinner at the community's on-site restaurants provides a convenient daily opportunity for residents to socialize, and the Nairns have enjoyed making new friends at Fox Run.

They also have many close friends outside of the community, with whom they stay in touch. Fox Run's flexible dining program allows them to host friends who don't live at Fox Run for dinner.

In addition to continuing to work, Charles and Sue have been busy getting settled in their new home. Sue plans to retire in about two years, and as they have more free time, Charles says they're looking forward to getting more involved with the clubs and social activities at Fox Run.