‘Devonshire has everything I want’

At first reluctant to move, Marilyn Gluck can’t imagine living elsewhere

Jacqueline Kimball
March 14, 2018

It's a somewhat familiar story. One spouse wants to move to a senior living community, but the other spouse wants nothing to do with that idea.

Hy and Marilyn Gluck, who now live at Devonshire at PGA National, Erickson Living's senior living community in Palm Beach Gardens, moved there from a one-story villa in PGA National's Heather Run community.

Marilyn liked the villa's floor plan because the guest suite and master suite sat at opposite ends. "We said when we bought it that if we ever needed help, we'd have privacy," Marilyn says. "And we promised we'd never move again."

That was fine with Hy until the year Marilyn fell twice while gardening. "It scared the hell out of me," he says. He decided he could no longer keep the promise and recommended they move to Devonshire.

The Glucks had friends in a number of area senior living communities, so they were well acquainted with what was available. They agreed Devonshire was the best, but still Marilyn was reluctant.

So she got out their checkbook and all of their bills to prove to Hy that moving wasn't a smart idea. "But I couldn't prove it," she says. "Because of all the services Devonshire provides, it was [a good value] to live there."

Perfect floor plan

Hy and Marilyn ultimately chose a  large two-bedroom floor plan style, the Jefferson.

The Jefferson boasts 1,864 square feet; its great room is long and spacious, and just like in their villa, the guest and master suites sit on opposite sides.

There's also a cozy den that's become the Glucks' favorite place to relax.

In addition to a powder room, the floor plan boasts a storage room that Marilyn says is the perfect size, generous enough to hold everything they want to store but not so big they'll start acquiring.

She's also pleased that the apartment has a good-size kitchen. "That's something I can't live without," she says.

Erickson Living made a number of design updates to the apartment before the Glucks moved in. For example, the tub in the master bathroom was removed and an extra-large shower and wall of cabinets were installed.

In terms of activities, "We're free spirits," Marilyn says. Hy uses the fitness center, does fitness walking, and spends computer time tracking the couple's investments.

Marilyn plays cards, both at Devonshire and with longtime friends at PGA.

She says she loves the sense of security, the lack of homeowner responsibilities, and the freedom to enjoy life as they like.

"But the most important thing is the friendly, warm people," says Hy. "That's also the most important thing in life."

He says there is nowhere else either of them would want to live. "Yes," agrees Marilyn, "Devonshire has everything I want."