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Six reasons why moving to Charlestown now makes sense

Danielle Rexrode
August 11, 2020

Do you worry about riding out another pandemic, hurricane, or snowstorm alone in your home? Do you feel safe coming home to an empty house after dark? What would you do if you had a medical emergency and couldn't get to the phone?   

If there is anything that 2020 has taught us it's that life can change in an instant. Where you live can play a big part in your quality of life, especially when the unexpected happens. Just ask the residents of Charlestown. They'll tell you, despite physically distancing due to COVID-19, they never felt alone. 

"I think that Charlestown is the safest place you can be. Period. Living here literally adds years to your life," says Maria Izquierdo-Whitaker, who, with her husband David, weathered the pandemic from their apartment. 

While residents like Maria and David remained safe and comfortable in their apartment homes, Charlestown's dedicated staff worked around the clock to deliver meals, personal items, essentials, prescriptions, mail to residents at their doors, and even walked residents' dogs.   

Through it all, residents of Charlestown had the comfort of knowing they weren't alone; they were part of a larger community of friends, neighbors, and people who care. If you have ever considered Charlestown for your future home, you might be thinking "this year has already been crazy enough, why add moving to the mix?" There are a few good reasons why now might be an ideal time to make your move. Here are six to consider:

1. There's strength in community 

Erickson Living, the company that operates and manages Charlestown, has a solid network of suppliers and benefits from the economy of scale, ensuring all residents have important necessities during extraordinary times. During the pandemic, doorstep deliveries were made of complimentary essentials (like toilet paper and toothpaste), all meals, prescriptions, mail, and newspapers—incoming packages, gifts, and floral arrangements were even sanitized before delivering them. Convenient trash and recycling removal continued at each apartment door, a service that was delayed in some parts of the country. And Charlestown residents never had to leave their homes for supplies, rely on their family or friends to buy them, or navigate online shopping sites and face delivery delays.  

2. Safer and more secure 

Throughout the pandemic, Charlestown's General Services team continued to handle all necessary home maintenance for our residents. While homeowners struggled to find people who could or would do repairs, Charlestown residents simply had to pick up the phone and help was there. Charlestown's 24/7 security staff remained in full force, ensuring that the community was insulated from potential exposure to COVID-19 from outside visitors. Thanks to Charlestown's security team, you and your belongings are always well protected. 

3. Access to high-quality medical care 

Charlestown's on-site medical center and health care professionals are here should you need them. During the pandemic, they were available for telehealth appointments and even offered safe in-home calls, when needed. This is a unique benefit you won't find at other communities or experience when isolated in your house.  

4. Never feel isolated or alone 

Charlestown residents received up-to-date communication and answers to their questions through prerecorded phone messages, letters at their front doors, and live programming on the internal TV channel. 

Although the pandemic temporarily changed the way residents could socialize, their worry-free lifestyle did not stop. Virtual exercise classes, spiritual services, educational classes, and technology assistance were provided by an on-site team. 

Residents had ongoing socialization opportunities through creative social distancing events like balcony happy hours. Holidays and special events like St Patrick's Day, Earth Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, religious holidays, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries were still celebrated safely.

5. Home is a safe haven

Charlestown offers senior living apartment homes with individual patios and balconies for additional living space; as well as common outdoor areas where small gatherings can safely take place. You'll have easy access to an on-site fitness center, aquatic center, restaurants, and gathering spots in an insulated environment. Using on-site amenities is much safer and convenient than going off campus to public venues. 

During the pandemic, Charlestown's dedicated culinary team prepared and delivered three daily meals and snacks to every resident at no additional charge. The team was committed to providing as much variety as possible, using fresh ingredients, and meeting the unique dietary needs of residents. The burden of meal planning, shopping for food, and cooking all remained with the culinary team, so residents and their families had peace of mind. As Charlestown's restaurants reopen, on-site dining venues will be much safer than visiting a public restaurant. 

6. It's a great time to sell 

Projections for real estate sales in 2020 are extremely positive despite the economic challenges we are currently experiencing as a nation. With a shortage of listing inventory and an explosion of online real estate searches by buyers spending more time at home, there could not be a better opportunity to sell your home and say goodbye to the burdens of homeownership. Millennials looking for their first homes are enjoying low interest rates. The industry expects this to be a seller's market as streamlined processes benefit all parties involved. Moving now will simplify your life and allow you to safely enjoy all the benefits of Charlestown before colder weather sets in and the holiday season begins.

Weather you're ready to move now or in the near future, Charlestown's senior move experts can help you every step of the way. Request your free brochure today to explore all the possibilities Charlestown has to offer.