It's All in the Planning

Achieve your retirement goals with trusted experts at your side

Chloe Jefferson
November 23, 2020

If Avery Point Sales Counselor Adam Zubowsky was to give advice on planning for retirement, he might refer to Sun Tzu, ancient Chinese general, military strategist, writer, and philosopher, who said, "Plan for what is difficult while it is easy; do what is great while it is small." 

Zubowsky served for more than seven years in state and local government, as the director of operations in the governor's office and in public relations for numerous state and local agencies. 

In this role, he produced collateral materials and public relation campaigns encouraging Virginia residents, businesses, and government agencies to prepare a plan for a wide variety of human-caused or natural disasters, including producing the state's hurricane evacuation guide and outreach preparedness campaigns. Zubowsky understands the value of planning in advance. 

Now as sales counselor at Avery Point, Zubowsky's expertise serves as an advocate for those making the transition to the Erickson Senior Living community.

Proactive planning

"Moving to Avery Point is a very proactive way to approach getting older," says Zubowsky. "You can enjoy all the benefits of independent living in this gorgeous, amenity-rich community with peace of mind that additional care is available should you or your spouse ever need it." 

Zubowsky says most people he meets with about Avery Point want to be in control of their retirement. 

"With Avery Point opening in 2022, you can reserve your home this spring knowing you have a two-year timeline for putting your house on the market, doing any downsizing, and planning for the future," says Zubowsky. "Planning ahead is smart planning."

As a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), Avery Point will provide modern, independent living apartment homes, well-outfitted community spaces and amenities, and fabulous social activities—with a continuing care neighborhood on site.

"The number one response we've heard from Erickson residents is 'I wish I'd moved sooner,'" Zubowsky says. "People who plan ahead are truly doing themselves a favor because they can live with less worry and more peace of mind. Plus, they have this fabulous community as their home!"

Five steps to a stress-free move

To help prepare a timeline for your move to Avery Point, Zubowsky recommends taking this five-step approach:

1. Schedule a personal visit with your sales counselor to learn more about Avery Point and discuss your needs and wants for your new home to help you decide if Avery Point is right for you.

2. Schedule a meeting with your sales counselor to help you choose a floor plan and confer with you on furniture placement in your new home at Avery Point.

3. Together, you and your sales counselor will develop a timeline for your move, including when to list your current house. 

4. Your sales counselor will provide you with a list of recommended moving vendors, such as real estate agents, moving companies, and senior move managers. 

5. Rely on the Avery Point sales team to always be at the ready to answer any questions you have along the way. 

To learn more about enjoying vibrant senior living at Avery Point, request your free brochure today!