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Together again: Lifelong friends enjoy worry-free retirement at Charlestown

Written by Danielle Rexrode
November 5, 2020

There is an Irish proverb that says, "A good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have". These words describe lifelong friends Nancy Scoville, Rosemary Farmer, and Anne Connors perfectly. The trio has been inseparable since high school, so it's no surprise that they all ended up at Charlestown, a continuing care retirement community managed by Erickson Living in Catonsville, Maryland.

"The three of us used to joke back in the day, 'Wouldn't it be great if we were all together when we were older?' And now it's happening," says Anne, who moved to Charlestown in October 2020. "I researched other places, but Charlestown just seemed to have everything I was looking for. And when Nancy and Rosemary moved in and I saw how much they enjoyed living there I thought, 'You know what, this is perfect!'"

Nancy was the first to move in 2018 and Rosemary and her husband John followed in February 2020. Nancy and Rosemary met at Holy Redeemer School in College Park, Md. in the fourth grade and met Anne later in the ninth grade at St. Anthony's Catholic High School in northeast Washington, D.C.

"Rosemary and I have always lived near each other. We went on vacation together; attended the same church, and our kids made their first holy communion together," says Nancy. "My mother would drive me to Rosemary's house during the summer and we would spend the day together. I don't think we have been separated by too many miles since then."

Four years ago, Nancy grew tired of her three-story townhouse and began searching for an alternative. Rosemary's daughter, (Nancy's goddaughter) Amy Bishop, worked at Charlestown and encouraged Nancy to take a look.

"I loved my neighborhood. I could walk to a lot of places. But I was ready to go," says Nancy. "I researched a lot before I moved here. With all of the amenities they offer, I found Charlestown to be the most reasonable. I decided I wanted worry-free living and I wanted to be young enough to enjoy the amenities at Charlestown."

Nancy chose an extra-large one-bedroom apartment home with a patio.

"I wanted a patio that faced the woods. I thought since I'm downsizing, it would be nice to have a view and an area where I could also go outside. That was very important to me. I am located in the densest part of the woods at Charlestown in Herbert's Run. It's like a little escape back here," says Nancy.

Rosemary and her husband John moved into an apartment just across campus from Nancy earlier this year.

"We like the community and are very excited to be here," says Rosemary. "I don't miss my home in Frederick at all. One of the things that I looked forward to was not having to cook. I am just thrilled that the three of us are together. Everyone is so nice and having Nancy and Anne here has been wonderful. We have always been there for each other. We are all different personalities but we blend well together. It's brought us even closer together and it's neat to know that we will all be spending this part of our lives together."

Anne, who still works part-time, moved to Oak Crest from Glenwood, Maryland this October.

"Originally, I was planning on moving after I retired," says Anne. "But an apartment became available in Rosemary's building and that was the area I wanted to be in—the historic end—so I thought, it's a sign I need to do this now."

"Rosemary and Nancy were with me throughout the entire moving process," says Anne. "Every time I needed to go to Charlestown for something, we would all get together and have lunch. Everything just fell into place."

Relationships make all the difference

A 2016 survey conducted by Harris Poll Online found 82 percent of Americans say they seek recommendations from friends and family when considering a purchase. Many of Charlestown's newest residents discovered the community thanks to the suggestion of friends and family members already living there.

"We have a great resident referral program. Residents who enjoy living here love to tell their friends and family about it!" says Charlestown Sales Counselor Molly Fricker. "For many people, visiting their friends and family who live at Charlestown allows them to become familiar with our community via an additional avenue than just attending an event or meeting with one of our sales staff. People like to know that there are others with similar interests and knowing friends or family who already call Charlestown home can also be comforting."

Looking ahead, Nancy, Rosemary, and Anne look forward to this new adventure together and say moving to Charlestown is the best decision they could have made.

"We have been rocks for each other throughout the years," says Anne. "I can't imagine my life without them. We are blessed!"

To explore all the benefits of an active and engaged retirement at Charlestown, request more information today!