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What's Happening at Charlestown?

Browse moving stories from our residents and staff, our top trending articles for community news and updates, and interviews with the people who know Charlestown best—the people who live here!

Making New Friends at Charlestown

We all know that exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep are part of a healthy lifestyle. But did you know that increasing evidence suggests that relationships also play a significant role in overall well-being?

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2022 Staff Appreciation Fund Brings Good Tidings to Charlestown Staff

Each year, Charlestown residents donate to the Staff Appreciation Fund as a way of recognizing the community’s hourly employees, who work diligently to provide them an industry-leading level of service.

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Chefs Serve Up Creative Fare at Charlestown's Restaurants

Charlestown is well-known for its friendly atmosphere and worry-free lifestyle. A key element of that carefree environment is the outstanding cuisine served up daily at each of the community's six on-site restaurants.

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