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Charlestown Residents Contribute More Than $275,000 to Hourly Staff for a Job Well Done

December 10, 2021
Charlestown Staff Appreciation 2021

Residents of Charlestown, an Erickson Senior Living community located in Catonsville, recently made the holiday season a bit merrier for the community's staff by generously contributing more than $275,550 to the 2021 Staff Appreciation Fund.

The annual Staff Appreciation campaign is an opportunity for Charlestown residents to thank the hourly employees who consistently go above and beyond to provide a variety of services that enhance the daily lives of residents.

Charlestown residents make gifts to the Fund by contributing to fundraising efforts throughout the year. Each holiday season, the funds are then distributed among Charlestown’s eligible employees, which include dining associates, security officers, maintenance workers, housekeepers, and medical and nursing assistants—just to name a handful.

The Staff Appreciation Committee, led by Mimi O’Donnell, worked collaboratively with Charlestown's Philanthropy and Human Resources departments to make this year’s celebration an extra special one for staff members.

On December 7, residents gathered to greet employees as they arrived at work for the day and express their appreciation directly with a cheer.

A total of 732 employees were celebrated and received a distribution from the Fund this year.

“I want to thank our residents for their generosity and for recognizing Charlestown’s dedicated employees,” said Patti Santoni, Director of Philanthropy at Charlestown. “The Staff Appreciation Fund is a wonderful opportunity for residents to give a gift to the employees who mean so much to them. Our employees do so much to make residents’ lives more enjoyable and ensure their health and safety.”

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