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Above and Beyond: Benefits of Working at Charlestown

By Danielle Rexrode
February 22, 2024
Above and Beyond: Benefits of Working at Charlestown with Trey Finney

Offering competitive benefits is a key differentiator for companies looking to meet the evolving needs of today’s workforce. A recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 60 percent of employees said that benefits are ‘extremely or very important’ when considering to stay with their current employer. 

Erickson Senior Living, one of the most respected names in the senior living industry today, offers employees a robust array of benefits and perks unmatched by most traditional employee benefits plans. 

For employees like Traione ‘Trey’ Finney, who works at Charlestown, an Erickson Senior Living community in Catonsville, Maryland, that includes a full range of services that enable him to build his career, have a healthy work-life balance, and plan for his future financial security.

Finney launched his career at Charlestown in 2016. Hired as a line cook, he was promoted to lead cook months later and has served as sous chef for the last three years.  

“I previously worked at local casinos but now that I have a family, those hours and workload just didn’t work for me anymore,” says Finney. “Here at Charlestown, it is family oriented. I get home at a decent time and I feel like I have a better work-life balance. I still have time for my personal life and my family and friends.” 

In addition to multiple healthcare plans, including medical, dental, and vision, employees enjoy the opportunity to receive tuition reimbursement, 401K with company match, generous paid time off, including sick, personal leave, and vacation; plus volunteer hours, online training classes, and advancement opportunities.

“Erickson Living offers a comprehensive pay and benefits program with plans to suit individual needs, including many ancillary benefits such as discount programs for products and services,” says Director of Human Resources Paulette Tansill. 

Bring Your Best Self

Charlestown also offers unique perks to help team members bring their best selves to work each day, including Annual Well-Being Visits and complimentary check-ups at on-site Employee Health and Well-Being Centers, convenient and free access to wellness workshops, fitness challenges, and health trackers. 

“I use the Health and Well-Being Center on campus and it is awesome,” says Finney. “I can just walk down the hall to the doctor. They set me up with a plan on ways I can work on improving my health. I don’t know of any jobs that offer that.” 

The Wellness Fund, for employees enrolled in an Erickson Senior Living medical plan, offers up to $260 annually in reimbursement for personal wellness expenses like home exercise equipment, fitness classes, running shoes, and weight loss programs.

Valuable Benefits

Beyond tangible benefits, Charlestown’s values-driven culture of employee recognition and a supportive and collaborative environment empowers staff, makes them feel valued, fosters innovation, and opens doors to career development and expanded job opportunities.

“Our team members embrace the culture and utilize their talents to help residents and each other live better lives,” stated Nicole Walker, chief human resources officer. “In turn, Erickson Senior Living recognizes the invaluable contributions that employees make and provide a robust package of benefits that reflect our commitment to financial stability, health and well-being, and work-life balance.”

Tansill adds, “We have so many different professions within our communities such as nursing, culinary, human resources, finance, sales, and general services. That means an employee can build a vertical career path with a specific function or they can explore opportunities in other areas. On-going professional growth and development is strongly encouraged and highly supported. At Erickson Senior Living, a person truly can build a career for life.” 

Finney sums it up best, “I wouldn’t stay here if I didn't feel valued,” he says. “They really value my feelings and care about what is important to me.”

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