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We’re Hiring! Our growing community is looking for talented people to join our team and enjoy great pay and benefits. Click here to see available positions.

Join the Priority List and Secure Your Future at Tallgrass Creek

The Priority List is more than just a waiting list; it's the only way to claim your home here and gain valuable perks. Think of it as your VIP ticket to the community.

Why Join the Priority List?

  • Reserve your apartment home before members of the public.
  • Be the first to hear community news and updates.
  • Receive invitations to special events, seminars, and parties.
  • Get realty and moving assistance from our personal moving consultant.
  • Joining is risk-free. Your $1,000 Priority List deposit is fully refundable.

When Should I Join?

Many apartment homes have long wait lists. So even if you don't plan to move right away, it's a smart idea to join today.

Become a member today!

Print and mail your application, deposit, and processing fee.

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