A Fresh Focus on Well-Being at Tallgrass Creek

By Mary Bush
March 27, 2024
Senior Health and Well-Being at Tallgrass Creek

Resident Floyd Wohlrab rarely had time to exercise before retiring from his busy career in contract management. "Plus, I was tired of keeping up with the house. I felt like I was existing, not thriving," he says.

Now, thanks to his maintenance-free apartment home at Tallgrass Creek, he has lots of free time to explore the activities right outside his door.

"I like golf, and I want to play as long as I can. So, I follow a workout regimen specifically designed for me that will build my strength. Working out is so convenient here," says Floyd, who partnered with Fitness Instructor Camin Bell to develop a personalized training schedule.

Like Floyd, Brenda Hughes didn't exercise much before moving to the community. But now, she attends four fitness classes each week.

"My energy and fitness levels have definitely increased, and I've met such wonderful people in the classes!" says Brenda. "The classes have helped me physically for sure, but they've also been a great way to connect." 

Investing in well-being

Research shows that, more than ever before, today's retirees are passionate about their well-being. To support residents in their wellness journeys, Erickson Senior Living is investing $500 million to enhance programs and amenities, with a particular focus on physical and mental health. 

At Tallgrass Creek, recent enhancements include 18 brand-new pieces of state-of-the-art fitness equipment--including recumbent and elliptical bikes, treadmills, weights, and more--for the two fitness centers on campus. 

"The fitness center is top notch and the instructors are too," says Floyd. 

Tallgrass Creek also added a new shuffleboard table, tranquility spaces, an expanded garden area with new raised garden beds, disc golf, and new fire pits with casual seating overlooking the community's spacious courtyard. 

"And we're not finished!" says Associate Executive Director Bryan Bee. "There are more health and wellness initiatives, both indoors and outdoors, planned for the future." 

Activities galore

As a result of these new amenities, residents have more opportunities to enjoy their favorite hobbies while socializing with neighbors. 

"Meeting people with similar interests has been so easy since moving here," says Floyd. "You draw positive energy from other people who enjoy life."

Last fall, Floyd and some of his neighbors competed in a cornhole tournament, coordinated by resident Bob Butterworth--complete with celebratory hot dogs and beverages. The competition took place outdoors on a beautiful day and ended with Floyd and his teammate Ron Harvey taking home first place honors. 

"The opportunities for activity and camaraderie at Tallgrass Creek are big difference makers for me," he says.

With more than 85 different clubs and activities to choose from, residents can try everything from nature outings and academic lectures to learning to play the ukulele. Tailgate barbecues, outdoor concert series, craft and fashion shows, themed dinner dances, and happy hours are always popular among residents. 

Relationships Matter

When Floyd's not practicing his swing on the green, you'll find him participating in the veterans' and book clubs and meeting people for dinner in the six restaurants on campus.

"There are so many things going on here, it's impossible to be bored," says Floyd. 

To learn more about the benefits of moving to a maintenance-free community, request more information today.