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Cedar Crest Senior Models Bare Quite A Bit In 2015 Calendar For Charity - Sales Going Through The Roof!

January 23, 2015

January 24, 2015

For Immediate Release

Contact:         Tony Ciavolella




POMPTON PLAINS, NJ - This past November, some inspiring, beautiful and anything but bashful ladies from the Cedar Crest continuing care retirement community began raising money and they arent selling cookies, pie or cake. These energetic residents are defying age and determined to bunk the stereotypical ideas many have of retirees. These lovely ladies are doing their part to help others by baring it all... or at least most of it in a 2015 calendar where the models appear basically bare!

As of January 2015, this grassroots effort has led to the sale of nearly 1,700 calendars and more than $16,000 raised for the Cedar Crest Resident Care Fund. And sales are still coming in from places like California, Texas and even as far as Norway!

Through careful, collective and creative planning, the 16 wonderful women, ranging in age from 76-93, have key areas of their bodies tastefully covered with the aid of seasonal props that reflect the month and offer the appearance of fun residents, enjoying their senior years in the nude. The models, who range in age from pose tactically in the photos with special items such as books, umbrellas and an easel which tastefully conceal the residents' frontal physiques.


The Cedar Crest Resident Care Fund is a program that provides future financial support for residents who may find that they have exhausted their financial resources due to unforeseen circumstances such as long-term illness.

The initial goal was set at 1,000 calendars after several months on the market. They have almost doubled that total within about two months and orders are still coming in!

Media wishing to meet members from the Cedar Crest All-Stars Calendar are more than welcome to come out to the community where they can interview them, take video and photos. Or, if interested in booking some of the very vocal members on your show, please contact Tony Ciavolella at 732-425-4635.

Cedar Crest is approximately 40 minutes west of New York City. The community is located at One Cedar Crest Village Drive, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444.

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