Linden Ponds Pricing and Senior Living Costs

90% Refundable Entrance Deposit

This one-time deposit secures your independent living apartment home for as long as you live here. Should you leave the community, 90% will be returned to you or your beneficiaries.

Monthly Service Package

Just one check each month covers almost all of your daily expenses, including:

  • All utilities (excluding Internet and telephone)
  • Heating and air-conditioning
  • Meal plan at our on-site restaurants
  • Maintenance and home repairs
  • Fitness center and pool
  • Regularly scheduled transportation
  • 24-hour security and emergency response
  • Professional landscaping
  • Property taxes
  • Cable TV
Apartment Home Style90% Refundable Entrance Deposit*Monthly Service Package
Studio$154,000 – $210,000$2,484
Large one bedroom, one bath$256,000 – $368,000$2,994
Extra-large one bedroom, one bath$300,000 – $402,000$2,994
One bedroom, one and a half bath$376,000 – $568,000$2,994 – $3,554
One bedroom, one bath with den$352,000 – $427,000$3,231
One bedroom, one and a half bath with den$411,000 – $529,000$3,487
Two bedroom, one bath$351,000 – $476,000$3,456
Two bedroom, one and a half bath$400,000 – $516,000$3,487
Large two bedroom, two bath$483,000 – $629,000$3,554 – $3,987
Deluxe two bedroom, two bath$747,000 – $893,000$4,319 – $4,608
Luxury two bedroom, two bath$839,000 – $1,168,000$4,528 – $4,738
See pricing for assisted living and other continuing care units. Pricing accurate as of January 1, 2024. Monthly Service Packages are typically adjusted annually by the not-for-profit board of directors in relation to labor, energy, and food costs. Second person fee $1,264. *As per the Residence and Care Agreement.

Home for Life Commitment

Linden Ponds maintains a Resident Care Fund designed specifically to assist eligible residents who outlive their resources. No one has ever been asked to leave the community because of a genuine inability to pay.

Take the Next Step!

Pricing varies based on the specific apartment home you choose. Schedule your visit (virtual or in-person) to find out which homes are currently available and take a tour.