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Resident and Community Stories

What's Happening at Linden Ponds?

Browse moving stories from our residents and staff, our top trending articles for community news and updates, and interviews with the people who know Linden Ponds best-—the people who live here!

Linden Ponds’ Resident Gardeners Enjoy the Great Outdoors

The Linden Ponds Gardeners maintain over 100 personal garden patches nestled into one of several quarries on the beautiful campus. Currently, 115 community members cultivate a personal garden.

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Strong Housing Market Means More Options for Linden Ponds’ Newest Residents

Pent-up buyer demand and limited supply, coupled with historically low interest rates and a shift in work/home life, are all contributing to the hottest housing market in decades.

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Linden Ponds Offers Residents Unlimited Opportunities

Linden Ponds empowers community members to live their lives to the fullest, while reaping the many positive benefits of social interaction.

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