The Power of Friendships at Linden Ponds

October 27, 2020

These days, you can research just about anything on the Internet. From vacation destinations to tech devices, you'll find reviews for everything online. But more often than not, the best recommendations come from the sources we trust the most: our family and friends.  When you get a recommendation from someone who knows your tastes and lifestyle, you can be reasonably certain you'll end up enjoying it. That's why so many people move to Linden Ponds, an Erickson Senior Living managed community in Hingham, Massachusetts, each year after learning about the community from a friend or relative.

"With any major decisions in life, people often look to friends and family for advice, ideas, and referrals," says Teresa Caseau, sales counselor at Linden Ponds. "We find that when people are looking for their next home, their friends can have a positive influence. Resident referrals are the strongest testimonial of the vibrancy and vitality at Linden Ponds."

In 2019, at least 11 of the people who moved to Linden Ponds did so because a current community member referred them. "A resident who is happy in our community will share and want others to enjoy life as they do," Caseau says. "Many people know their friends have certain standards for living and appreciate their confidence in the community."

Case in point

Lou Mattuchio and his wife Jean moved to Linden Ponds from Braintree, Mass., in 2019. Linden Ponds had been on their radar, and like so many others, they learned about the community from friends.

"I had friends living here," Lou says. "One was a pioneer—she had been at Linden Ponds since its inception—so I got to know the place fairly well from her."

One of the things that appealed to Lou and Jean about Linden Ponds were the many opportunities to socialize right on campus.

"They even have a movie theater, and we can go down and watch movies on Saturday night," Lou says. "I don't have to go anywhere; everything is right here—there are no headaches."

Lou also appreciates the worry-free lifestyle that Linden Ponds offers. Tasks like mowing the lawn and shoveling snow are a thing of the past, and the afford-able monthly service package means residents only have to pay one bill each month rather than keeping track of a long list of utility bills and taxes to be paid. But Lou says the best thing about Linden Ponds is the people who live there.

"Everybody is very friendly. Everybody says, 'Good morning,' and 'How are you?'" he says. "It's like everybody knows each other. That's the best part of it and that's what I tell my friends."

Sharing the good life

Lou is a member of the American Legion in Braintree, and he talked a lot about Linden Ponds to fellow member Malcolm MacLeod. After hearing how much Lou and Jean were enjoying Linden Ponds, Malcolm decided to move to the community.

Malcolm also previously lived in Braintree and was looking at a few retirement communities there. But after hearing about Linden Ponds and then attending a luncheon on campus with another friend, Malcolm changed his plans.

"I talked to Lou just after he moved down here," Malcolm says. "Because of what he had to say and the visit I made, that made up my mind."

At Linden Ponds, Malcolm has a one-bedroom apartment home that he says is the perfect amount of space for him. More important, he now has the security of knowing that friends are al-ways nearby. He can enjoy his meals with neighbors at Linden Ponds' on-site restaurants. As it becomes increasingly safe to be out and about, Malcolm is looking forward to exercising at the fitness center and heated indoor pool, and he also plans to join the veterans club.

"You always have someone to talk to here," he adds.

To learn more about living a vibrant and engaged senior living lifestyle at Linden Ponds, connect with us today!