Lynne Smithson-Ford Celebrates 20 Years at Linden Ponds

April 11, 2024

Congratulations to Planning and Moving Consultant Lynne Smithson-Ford, who recently celebrated her 20-year anniversary at Linden Ponds, the Erickson Senior Living community in Hingham, Mass.!

Smithson-Ford, a Hingham native, was the community's first employee and has helped hundreds of retirees embrace a vibrant, engaging lifestyle. 

In addition to going above and beyond for incoming residents, Smithson-Ford played an instrumental role in creating her current position, which is now a part of sales teams at Erickson Senior Living communities across the country. 

Smithson-Ford loves her role, working one-on-one with retirees to ensure all aspects of their move are planned out, including selecting a real estate agent, staging a house for sale, finding a new home for unwanted items, packing, and moving.

"It feels like I've come full circle," she says. "Having grown up in Hingham, I love that I am now in a position to not only help others move to the area, but also to experience the wonderful Linden Ponds lifestyle."

From the beginning

Smithson-Ford began her Linden Ponds career before the community even opened, organizing informational events and meeting with prospective residents. She also managed the community's design center, helping future residents select finishes for their new apartment homes.

"From the very beginning, there was a contagious excitement surrounding Linden Ponds and its connection to the Hingham community," she recalls.

She continues, "After the groundbreaking in 2003, interest in Linden Ponds grew quickly; the demand for the vibrant lifestyle was evident right away! Our clubhouse and first residence buildings opened just a year later. In less than three years, our second neighborhood was welcoming residents."

Catalyst for change

Over the course of the next twenty years, Smithson-Ford's role shifted from primarily helping people on-campus to supporting prospective residents as they prepared for their move to the community. 

"Early on, our sales team began looking for ways to help people as they got ready for their move," she says. "Prospective residents would come to campus and decide, 'Yes, Linden Ponds is for me!' But then they would go back home and think, 'How am I going to make this happen?'"

She continues, "After working with so many incoming residents, we knew that we had the expertise and the connections to help. Teaming up with Sharon Baksa, Erickson Senior Living's regional sales director at the time, we looked for ways to help answer their question. Our first step was to visit people in their houses, identifying specific ways we could offer support."

A new role is born

As a result of Smithson-Ford's collaborative efforts, the role of planning and moving consultant was born--and quickly became an invaluable resource for many retirees. 

"For me, it's been a rewarding position," she says. "I feel like I become part of people's families as they make important decisions regarding their new home. I often hear stories about their families and the history of some of the cherished items they are bringing with them." 

Smithson-Ford cherishes the relationships she's fostered with residents at the community over the years. 

"When I started at Linden Ponds, I was newly married with a new house," she recalls. "A few years later, we adopted our children, Christian and Dominic. Even now, two decades later, residents I worked with still ask about the boys! Most of them cannot believe how quickly they've grown up. In fact, Dominic works here now as a server in the restaurants."

She's also grateful that she gets to help so many people live better lives. 

"I've seen the health and wellness of many residents improve, following their move to Linden Ponds," Smithson-Ford explains. "It's a common thread--by engaging with others, establishing new relationships, and becoming involved in activities, people are healthier, living more vibrant lives."

'Get ready to be ready'

Smithson-Ford continues to meet with and get to know future residents, helping them plan stress-free moves to the sought-after community.

"The advice I share is this: get ready to be ready. By working together early on in the planning process, the more comfortable you'll feel when thinking about a move. Before you know it, you're ready to move in and adopt an active lifestyle!" she explains. "I offer support and guidance as well as an ear to listen, all with the goal of helping you make the move on your own terms and timeline."

To learn more about senior living at this vibrant community, request your free brochure to get the scoop on amenities, floor plans, and so much more.