Linden Ponds residents appreciate worry-free living and lots of amenities

February 16, 2021

Hingham, MA - When you own a house, there's one thing you can count on for sure: Some-thing will need to be repaired or some cost will increase when you least expect it. If it's not property taxes going up, it's the furnace breaking down. If it's not the exterior that needs to be repainted this year, it's the interior that needs to be updated. That's what Mary Ann Buss and her husband, Bill, experienced when they lived in a house in Cape Cod, Mass. Because of that, they decided to move to Linden Ponds, an Erickson Living managed senior living community in Hingham, Massachusetts, where residents enjoy maintenance-free living and predictable expenses, thanks to the affordable monthly service package.

“The cost of maintaining the home was the biggest reason for coming here—real estate taxes, landscaping, keeping the house well maintained,” Mary Ann says. “The cost of coming here was only slightly more, and then we're getting all these things we didn't get at home.”

The convenience of predictable expenses

Chrissy Hansen, Linden Ponds' sales director, says the management team works hard to provide excellent financial value so residents can protect the savings they've built over their lifetimes. The affordable and predictable monthly service package includes rent, electricity, gas, water, telephone, and even the main meal of the day. When you live in a house, you have to pay for things like lawn care, appliance maintenance and repair, trash removal, pest control, gutter cleaning, roof repairs and real estate taxes—all of which can be serious budget busters. But at Linden Ponds, all of those expenses are included in the monthly service package. Hansen and her team can help prospective residents compare the cost of living at Linden Ponds to what they pay to live at their cur-rent house or condo.

“We ask people to come in with an idea of what they are spending, not only to own the house but also to run and operate the house,” Hansen says. “We have a cost comparison sheet we send them in advance, and we then discuss the value for the price paid here, with everything that is included in the one low monthly fee. We remind them that it is a predictable expense each month all year round.”

‘Having all our needs met'

Another aspect of Linden Ponds' value proposition is access to the vibrant social life on campus—something that is difficult to put a price tag on. The community boasts more than 100 clubs, committees and activities, such as painting, wood-working, book clubs, Tai Chi, photography, card games, and much more. Mary Ann, a retired CPA and ac-counting professor, serves on the finance committee. She is also a member of the photography club, two bridge groups, and a book club. “As you grow older, your need for com-munity increases, and there is certainly a large, varied community here—and people with all kinds of interests,” Mary Ann says. Every Friday, Mary Ann goes on a nature walk with a group of neighbors. She also serves on Linden Ponds' landscaping committee. “One of the most compel-ling reasons to move here is our campus arboretum. It's beautiful,” Mary Ann says. “The ability to walk in such a beautiful area is an added benefit. We had a huge snowstorm and, if we can't walk outside, we have miles of indoor corridors to walk. Having all our needs met within one com-munity is wonderful.”

Another key aspect of Linden Ponds' value proposition is the 90% refundable entrance deposit. This onetime deposit is held for residents and returned either to them or, if they live at Linden Ponds for the rest of their lives, to their beneficiaries.

Peace of mind is priceless

Perhaps the most unique feature of the financial value at Linden Ponds is the home for life commitment. Hansen says the community has arrangements in place to assist residents who, despite careful planning, outlive their financial assets. “If they exhaust their assets, we can help to pay their expenses through our wonderful Resident Care Fund,” she says. “This is of amazing importance to them as well as their families, as they do not have to worry about Mom and Dad should something happen and they need an additional level of care.”

Sales Manager Susan Sheehan says management is committed to keeping Linden Ponds affordable for retirees. They keep costs down through efficient vendor contract negotiations, while operating and maintaining the community to the highest standards. In Linden Ponds' 15-year history, price increases have averaged just 3%, which Sheehan says is very low compared to other Boston-area continuing care retirement communities.

“The management team is diligent in cost savings efforts all year long, to keep our monthly fees affordable year-round. Being part of the Erickson Living enterprise, we benefit from companywide purchasing power, giving us the ability to save money on purchases at the com-munity level,” Sheehan says. “Our not-for-profit board of directors and on-site finance committee includes Linden Ponds residents, who work hard at ensuring that we offer value for price paid.”

To learn more about the financial value of moving to Linden Ponds, visit or call 1-800-436-9891.

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