Linden Ponds Resident Carol DeSouza Enjoys Top-Notch Amenities--and Great Value

June 12, 2024

When Carol DeSouza decided to leave her 55-plus condo community in Sherborn, Mass., for a retirement community, she wasn't sure what her options would look like or how expensive they would be. 

"After suffering a fall in 2022, I began to seriously consider my options," Carol says. "I knew that I wanted to move to a community with access to health care and lots of amenities. I visited Linden Ponds and really liked everything it had to offer."

During her visit to the Erickson Senior Living community in Hingham, Mass., Carol was happily surprised to find out how affordable it is to live there. She was also impressed by the wide variety of amenities, resources, and activities that were available. 

"As a state employee on a pension, I thought there was no way I could afford to live at Linden Ponds," she says. "But I was wrong! My tax advisor explained that living at Linden Ponds was not only obtainable, but that I could continue to enjoy the same--or better--lifestyle than I did in my condo." 

Comparing costs

Conducting her due diligence, Carol then attended informational luncheons and met with members of the sales team to find out more about the financial implications of moving to the community.

"I learned so much and it helped me realize that I really could afford this move," she says. "One of the tools that helped me was a comparison of typical house expenses compared to Linden Ponds' monthly service package."

Linden Ponds' monthly service package covers the costs of most utilities; a meal plan at four on-site restaurants; maintenance, including repair and replacement of appliances; access to amenities; regularly scheduled transportation; and more. 

To compare, Carol created an Excel spreadsheet listing all the bills she paid regularly, including electricity, gas, water, maintenance and repairs, landscaping, snow and trash removal, and her condo fee.

"I also considered other big ticket items like my mortgage, town taxes, condo insurance, athletic memberships, TV and internet, and IT assistance," she says. "It was easy to see there were so many things I would no longer need to worry about or plan for if I moved to Linden Ponds."

Unbeatable value

Executive Director Jim Centola notes that many retirees share the same realization when they visit campus and compare costs. 

"In addition to the financial stability of predictable monthly expenses, residents benefit from the peace of mind of having everything they need on campus to enjoy a rewarding retirement," he says. 

An on-site medical center, fitness center, and opportunities for socialization--thanks to over 150 clubs, groups, and committees--are just steps from residents' apartment homes.

"Plus, we continuously invest in and refresh these services and amenities to ensure we're meeting current and future residents' needs," adds Centola. "We're always looking for ways to add value for residents."

Socialization matters

Since her October 2022 move, Carol has taken advantage of all the unbeatable amenities and services. 

"Food was a big expense that I didn't even consider prior to my move," she says. "Now, I enjoy delicious meals without worrying about the increasing cost of food. In addition, since I have a background in disability compliance, I am very conscious of the accessibility of my environment. Linden Ponds is the most accessible property I've ever seen."

Although she continues to provide consulting services to the federal government on discretionary grant programs, Carol finds time to participate in social opportunities at Linden Ponds including volunteering on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, attending campus performances from local entertainers, taking trips with the special trips program, and visiting the fitness center. 

"There is so much to do--anything you want, really! From festivals to lifelong learning courses, it's all here for me," she says. "And dinners are wonderful. They're always a great opportunity to meet new people. I was missing out on socialization in my condo. Now, each day, whether it's being out and about, eating with neighbors, meeting for coffee, or hopping on a shuttle bus to church, I'm making connections."

'Very happy'

Reflecting on her new active, social lifestyle, Carol says, "It's something I didn't plan for when preparing for my move, but it really adds to my life and personal happiness. I'm very happy with my decision to move to Linden Ponds!"

To learn how you can make the most of your retirement, visit or call 1-800-436-9891 to speak with a member of the sales team.