Linden Ponds Offers Residents Unlimited Opportunities

July 8, 2021

Linden Ponds, an Erickson Senior Living developed and managed retirement community in Hingham, MA, empowers community members to live their lives to the fullest, while reaping the many positive benefits of social interaction. The maintenance-free lifestyle provides residents the time to invest in both new activities and favorite hobbies, while numerous amenities, activities, and clubs support healthy social networking.

Linden Ponds residents also take the opportunity to engage in activities outside the community, including traveling and volunteering. Following her move to Linden Ponds in 2006, Nalora Steele continued working as a professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston. She also hosts programming for the Linden Ponds television station and created, and operates, the Linden Ponds Repertory Company.

“My husband and I did not move with the idea that life as we knew it had ended,” Nalora says. “Instead, we came to live another life beyond our previous one. And so, we did. It is important that new residents feel that they are moving into a new life, with new neighbors and new possibilities for engagement in activities of many kinds. With that knowledge, one can truly feel good about the change and look forward to all of the ways in which one can create a happy life.”

Enjoying free time

For Linden Ponds community members, eliminating the hassles associated with home ownership, frees up valuable time to enjoy new adventures and explore hobbies and interests.

“Since moving to Linden Ponds five years ago, I no longer need to rake leaves, shovel snow, or spend countless hours repairing things around the house,” says community member Tom Zarle. “I can come and go, spend time with my family—especially the grandkids—and pursue my passions for woodcarving and doing art shows.”

“When I owned a house so much of my day was taken up with maintenance and worry,” says community member Ann Gilman. “The house was 70 years old and I had lived there since I was 9 months old. It is so nice not to panic with heavy wind, rain, snow, or whatever! I have extra time to swim, read, exercise, zoom, connect with friends, and spend time with my dog. I’ve also taught English as a second language, engaged in church activities, taken a sculpture class, sung with the chorale, and served as a resident ambassador to new prospective residents.”

Time to do it all

At Linden Ponds, life flourishes not only on campus, but in a variety of ways off campus as well. “The majority of our community members remain active within the greater community,” says Community Services Manager Molly Lynch St. John. “Whether it is volunteering, attending local church services, visiting friends and family, or traveling the world, community members enjoy the freedom to do it all.”

“My time is now free to engage in meaningful travel,” says Tom. “Three years ago, I hiked 150 miles of the Camino de Santiago (a 1,200-year-old pilgrimage route across the Pyrenees Mountains in Northern Spain). I also participated in an adventure trip to Guatemala to study Mayan culture and ruins, as well as a study trip to Ireland with a group of scholars to study Celtic Spirituality and History. I also follow my grandkids in their high school and collegiate sports careers. I don’t miss many games.”

Ann enjoys engaging in activities within the local community. “I’ve been involved with the local senior center and enjoy the small theaters nearby,” she says. “I also love to shop and participate in the great programs at the public library.”

Word of mouth

Thanks to the worry-free environment, range of amenities, and freedom to enjoy the best life has to offer, demand for the Linden Ponds lifestyle is at an all-time high. Each day, Sales Director Christine Hansen and her team meet with prospective residents. “This summer is a terrific time to learn more about our vibrant community,” says Christine. “The campus is buzzing with activity, providing a wonderful opportunity to experience, first-hand, the Linden Ponds lifestyle.”

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