Linden Ponds Artists Create Hall of Presidents Exhibition

February 4, 2013

Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Featured in 6ft by 8ft Watercolor Portraits

Hingham, MA - When Linden Ponds decided they wanted to celebrate the many Presidents of the United States, residents Burt Longenbach and members of his water color painting class, Hilda Peirce, Judy Fockenier, Charles Vaughn and Ann O'Malley responded 

The five artists came together to create The Linden Ponds Hall of Presidents Exhibition which includes 14 charcoal drawings of the presidents between Washington and Lincoln (18 in by 24 in) and two 6ft by 8ft watercolor portraits of Washington and Lincoln.
"Last year Linden Ponds celebrated the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln with an exhibition in the art gallery during the month of February, Presidents Month," said Longenbach.  He met with Joe McStowe in Resident Life and proposed this year's exhibit and project. "The five of us have been painting and drawing for many months and are very excited to showcase our work," he said and added, "Next year's plans are already in progress which will include all the presidents between Lincoln and FDR, with FDR being a similarly large watercolor done by me.  Barack Obama and the intervening presidents will follow the year after that."
Linden Ponds is a full-service continuing care retirement community situated on a scenic 108-acre campus in Hingham, Massachusetts. The vibrant campus opened in October 2004, and is home to 1,200 people who are enjoying life to the fullest.