A Fresh Focus on Well-Being at Linden Ponds

February 6, 2024

"We were impressed with Linden Ponds' long list of activities, designed to keep us engaged and healthy," says Myles Marcus, who moved to the Erickson Senior Living community in Hingham, Mass., with his wife Susan in 2019. 

More than ever before, today's retirees are passionate about caring for their well-being. 

At Linden Ponds, industry-leading amenities and programs are thoughtfully designed to help residents like Myles and Susan continue to maximize their physical, mental, and spiritual health

"Now, our only difficulty is finding the time to do everything we want to do!" he adds. 

New beginnings

After retiring to Cape Cod in 1997, Myles and Susan maintained an active lifestyle. 

"We were very happy with our retirement life on the Cape. We had lots of friends and knew everything about the area," says Myles. "But we also knew that, at this point in our lives, we wanted additional security. We sought a community made up of active, interested residents and convenient amenities. That's exactly what we found at Linden Ponds."

Since moving to the maintenance-free community, the couple has gained more free time to improve their physical and mental health. 

Now, Myles and Susan love visiting the fitness center, swimming in the all-season aquatic center, and taking long walks around the beautiful, 108-acre campus.

Myles also joined a resident pickleball team, which plays twice a week. "I love the time I spend with the team," he says. "It's a great group of people, all eager to enjoy themselves while getting some exercise."

Recently, thanks to a $500 million investment from Erickson Senior Living, Linden Ponds met the sport's growing demand by installing an indoor pickleball court. The investment also contributed to a new memory fitness program and a third exercise space. 

A holistic approach

At the on-campus fitness centers, Fitness Manager Ian Richardson leads a team of fitness experts who are dedicated to helping residents meet their wellness goals. 

"Ian and his team do a wonderful job at keeping residents informed and up-to-date on new equipment. I really like using the new TRX machines--they are a great addition to our fitness centers," says Myles. "He also ensures that our workouts are safe."

He adds, "The constant flow of new activities is great. There are so many options! It helps keep everyone interested in their fitness."

Myles and Susan also appreciate having support from knowledgeable, full-time health care providers at the on-site medical center

"Both Susan and I have our yearly wellness visits here at Linden Ponds," says Marcus. 

And recently, the couple took advantage of the community's Embrace Wellness and Flourish program--designed by Dr. Jennifer Tam, Erickson Senior Living's regional medical director.

"In small groups, we focused on stress management and resiliency training," says Myles. "We both really enjoyed the experience."

Socialization matters

Thanks to their involvement at the community, both at the fitness center and with interest groups, Myles and Susan have witnessed their social circles expand tenfold. 

"I am the program cochairman for the Jewish community organization on campus," says Myles. "Our monthly speaker programs are open to everyone on campus, free of charge. We always draw big crowds. It's a lot of work, but I enjoy the effort."

Myles also serves as a board member on the resident life committee and volunteers as a greeter for retirees moving to Linden Ponds. Susan likes volunteering, as well, having previously served as secretary of the lifelong learning committee.

As a former biology teacher, Myles also presents lectures on whales and whaling for the community.

"It's something I did when I volunteered at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History," he says. "I'm thrilled that I can continue to do so here at Linden Ponds."

Active and engaged

As they look forward to celebrating their fifth anniversary as Linden Ponds residents this summer, Myles and Susan are feeling grateful for their engaging lifestyle.

"Our social connections keep us very busy," says Myles. "When we were looking at retirement communities prior to our move, we were looking for diversity--both in terms of people and opportunities. There is so much to do and so many welcoming people to do things with. We consider ourselves very lucky to live at Linden Ponds."

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