'Why I Chose a Vibrant Retirement at Greenspring'

Kelly Shue
April 11, 2024
Greenspring resident

Everyone has their own story when it comes to the choices they make for retirement. But one thing that residents at Greenspring, the Erickson Senior Living community in Springfield, Va., have in common is the desire to experience a vibrant, engaging lifestyle supported by a robust offering of amenities, resources, and services. 

Since moving to Greenspring in October, Michele Finnegan has made the most of her new lifestyle. 

"Within the first few months of living here, I began doing things I never imagined I would do in retirement," she says. "Like attending a pajama party! I went with a neighbor, and we had so much fun."

Recently, the Tribune sat down with Michele to learn more about what motivated her to make the move to Greenspring and how her life has changed for the better.

Tribune: What led you to consider Greenspring?

Michele: I learned about Greenspring when a friend of mine moved to the community 12 years ago. After settling in, she invited me to lunch and offered to show me around. I accepted, but I was not considering a move at the time. 

When I heard that Woodleigh Chase, a new Erickson Senior Living community, would be coming to Fairfax, I began thinking more about the future. I joined their Priority List to learn more about the planned buildings and amenities. However, several friends encouraged me to move sooner than later, so I scheduled another visit at Greenspring. 

I was impressed with how the community had changed so much over a decade--they really kept up with the times! I loved the bright, modern renovations. It just felt right, and everyone I met was so nice.

Tribune: What prompted you to make the move?

Michele: I was living in a condo, and it started having issues--the heating and air system needed to be replaced. I found the maintenance-free aspect of living at Greenspring to be very appealing. When an appliance needs to be repaired or a lightbulb has to be replaced, you just call General Services, and the costs are covered in your monthly bill.

So, following my friends' advice, I made the decision to move to Greenspring, rather than wait for Woodleigh Chase to open. I worked with Sales Counselor Arzo Haider to plan my move. She was amazing! My Priority List membership transferred to Greenspring, which allowed me to select my desired floor plan in a timely manner. 

Tribune: What's it like living at Greenspring?

Michele: Completely worry-free! I love not having to stress about maintenance and repairs. 

Greenspring is such a warm, inviting community. I never expected people to be this friendly. I live in the Connor Terrace residence building. The day I moved in, my neighbors stopped by to give me flowers, check on me, and invite me to dinner. I've met so many people in the short amount of time I've lived here. 

Tribune: How do you get involved in the community?

Michele: I made a lot of new friends through clubs and activities. Within my first two months here, I joined the French conversation group, which meets once a month for dinner, and the investment group. I also started going to the ballroom dancing group meetings. I attended Greenspring's New Year's Eve Party, and even though I don't think I dance well, I was told I did!

I'm really interested in climate change and nutrition, so I was invited to join Greenspring's recycling group and dining committee. For me, it's important to be open to new things and be involved in community life. 

Tribune: What does your family think about your move?

Michele: Most of my family lives in Europe, and my daughter moves around quite a bit. She is currently working in Brussels, and before that, she was living in China. That's a 12-hour time difference! It concerned her that if I needed her, it would not be easy to reach her. 

Now, she no longer needs to worry about me. The staff members here are wonderful. You can tell that they really care about you. Thanks to everything that Greenspring has to offer, my move has created peace of mind--for my daughter and for me.

Invest in your future self at Greenspring. From top-notch amenities to affordable, maintenance-free apartment homes, you are sure to live your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!