Franklin Funes Grows with Greenspring in Springfield, VA -- Literally

March 5, 2018

SPRINGFIELD, VA  –  Franklin Funes watched Greenspring come to life while it was under construction from his home across the street. His mother, Reyna Romero joined the housekeeping staff as one of the community's pioneer employees. At the time, Funes had no idea that his promising future lay right before his eyes.


As a high school student, Funes joined the Greenspring staff as a dining services employee, working as a server in the community's on-site restaurants.   


"The job provided me with valuable life lessons," he says. "I benefitted from constant interaction with the residents. Although at the time I did not know I was embarking on my future career path, I felt valued and enjoyed coming to work."


Following high school graduation, Funes accepted a full-time position at Greenspring as a member of the general services staff, focusing on special events. Over the course of the next two years, he happily took on a variety of roles from communications to security, before finding his niche with the sales and marketing team.


"As an Erickson Living employee, there is a wonderful support system that enables people to take their future into their own hands," he says. "All you need to do is ask and the company will help you get where it is you want to go."


This employer-driven support is important not only to Funes, but to the large millennial job force. According to the 2016 Gallup report, "How Millennials Want to Work and Live," 87 percent of millennials say development and career growth opportunities are important in a job. 


It is a commitment that Erickson Living takes seriously.


"Our goal is not only to attract and retain strong employees, but to build a community where employees can thrive," says Joe Machicote, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Erickson Living. "We want to help people truly find a home once they get here."


Joining the sales and marketing team as a sales associate, Funes quickly moved into management and now serves the community as a sales manager, thanks, in part to Erickson Living's Future Leaders Program.


"I received the training and leadership needed to take my career to the next level," he says. "I've learned to lead through influence and that's a concept I take seriously as I work with our sales associates."


Funes also takes full advantage of the many benefits Erickson Living offers employees including the tuition reimbursement program. He is currently completing his bachelor's degree in management at George Mason University.


Funes appreciates the entire scope of company's employee benefits package, which also includes healthcare benefits. generous paid time off, opportunities to volunteer, comprehensive medical benefits, on-site employee health and wellness centers, and employee discount programs.



"As a student employee, I had no idea I would be where I am today," he says. "But that experience solidified my desire to build a career at Greenspring. Erickson Living does something that no other company does – it bridges the gap between two generations that otherwise might not interact with each other, making sure that both are well cared for and supported."


Erickson Living is in a highly competitive industry where recruiting is key to its ability to attract quality candidates for the vast array of jobs it has. The company is in a period of rapid growth, with new buildings in development at existing campuses and there are plans to continue adding to its current portfolio of communities. This growth leads to an increased demand in employees,


It is important to retain employees in a workforce of Erickson Living's size in one of the most competitive industries in the economy – Healthcare. There are currently dozens of career opportunities in areas such as Healthcare, Finance, Resident Life, Philanthropy. Legal, Human Resources, Administration, General Services, and Dining Services.


Greenspring currently has 1,000 full and part-time employees. Last year it hired a significant number of new employees. Its staff completed hundreds of training hours to develop their job skills. These employees serve 1,267 residents.


One the company's most popular training programs is Erickson Living University (ELU). ELU is a blended learning environment that provides both mandatory compliance trainings and supplemental development opportunities. Employees can choose from 750 courses in twenty-nine languages, including leadership, healthcare, and computer courses.


ELU's framework offers a clear structure for employees, with various courses of study to choose from and achievement markers along the way. Career planning courses help employees envision their future within the company, and trainings help them gain the necessary skills.


Erickson Living today employs over 14,000 talented and diverse team members across the enterprise. The employees are viewed as Erickson Living's greatest asset and the vital link between the company and its more than 23,000 residents network-wide.


Each of Erickson Living's communities recognize meaningful interactions in their own ways, such as the Mission Moments program, which tells the stories of people -- employees or residents -- who impact each other's lives.


Funes typifies the Everyday Heroes who Erickson Living recruits each day. If people are driven to make a difference and feel passionate about what they do, they will thrive in an Erickson Living career. When they join the company's team of Everyday Heroes, they gain more than a great job in a booming industry – they get to change lives for the better. For more information about Erickson Living careers: