Tyler Trudeau and Brandon Robson Join The Grandview's Sales Team

By Gregory J. Alexander
April 11, 2024
The Grandview in Bethesda, Maryland provides excellent customer service--and employment opportunities.

The Grandview, an Erickson Senior Living community coming to Bethesda, Md., is happy to announce that two talented sales professionals--Tyler Trudeau and Brandon Robson--have joined the team!

With years of experience in senior living, both are looking forward to introducing prospective residents to this exciting new community and its active, vibrant lifestyle.

Finding a lifetime career

When Trudeau joined Oak Crest, an Erickson Senior Living community in Parkville, Md., in 2019, it didn't take long for him to realize that he'd found a lifetime career and an employer who would encourage him to reach for the stars.

"I started out at Oak Crest's in-house TV studio," he says. "I photographed an event for employees celebrating 10, 15, and 25 years working at Erickson Senior Living--you just don't see that anymore. The way Erickson takes care of their employees and residents is incredible. Then and there, I saw a future for myself with Erickson."

When an opportunity to shadow the Oak Crest sales team surfaced, Trudeau jumped at the chance.

"I wasn't expecting to enjoy the experience so much," he says, with a laugh. "But it made me consider a career shift. So, when a sales associate position opened up at The Grandview, I applied. It was the greatest decision I ever made!"

Lots to learn

Trudeau, eager to learn as much as possible in his new role, is glad to join a seasoned sales team. Sales Director George Mishraky and Sales Counselor Debbie Brumbach have worked for Erickson Senior Living for more than 15 years.

"They share an enormous amount of knowledge and information with me. I am so lucky to learn from them," says Trudeau, who's also excited to watch the community grow from the ground up.

"The clubs, the culture, everything will be created by the people moving in," he says. "Bethesda residents have been waiting for an Erickson Senior Living community to be built here!  Everyone is looking forward to building a community within the greater community they know and love."

A family affair

Brandon Robson, joining The Grandview as a sales associate, has a connection to Erickson Senior Living as well. "I used to work at Ashby Ponds in Ashburn, Va., and my sister still works there as an operations associate," he says. "And my mom is the executive director at Greenspring in Springfield, Va.!"

In speaking with prospective residents, Robson has discovered that he's not the only person with family ties to Erickson Senior Living.

"My favorite part of my job is listening to their stories and backgrounds," he says. "Lots of prospective residents have told me that their parents lived at an Erickson Senior Living community, which inspired them to want to live in one. I think it shows how much they value the vibrant lifestyle our communities offer."

The Grandview, as Erickson Senior Living's first high-rise community, will offer a great lifestyle as well as access to unique, industry-leading amenities.  

An engaging experience

Although he has beautifully designed renderings to show prospective residents of what the apartment homes, aquatics center, and restaurants will look like, Robson loves highlighting the engaging experience they can look forward to.

"They will enjoy the Erickson Senior Living lifestyle and have the opportunity to be involved in as much--or as little--as they want. I've met prospective residents who work out more and are in better shape than people my age, so I know the fitness center is a draw," he says, with a laugh.

Like Trudeau, Robson also loves that Mishraky and Brumbach are invaluable mentors, due to their experience and skill.

"So many of my coworkers have been at Erickson Senior Living for decades; that says a lot about the company culture," he says.

Don't wait!

With construction well underway, Trudeau and Robson are working diligently to plan events and meet with as many retirees as possible.

"Contact the sales team to learn more about The Grandview or an upcoming event," says Trudeau.

To learn more about the dedicated staff members at this new community, request more information today