Priority List Members Learn About Preferred Vendors at Exclusive Events

By Gregory J. Alexander
May 2, 2024
Members of the Priority List for The Grandview, the future Erickson Senior Living community in Bethesda, Maryland, can learn more about the campus at exclusive events.

The Grandview, an Erickson Senior Living community coming to Bethesda, Md., in fall 2025, has become a popular choice in retirement options--thanks to its convenient location, sophisticated design, and enviable array of amenities.

"As more and more people reserve apartment homes, it becomes even more important to join The Grandview's Priority List," notes Sales Director George Mishraky. "When you become a Priority List member, you secure your spot in line for your desired floor plan."

Exclusive events

Mishraky adds, "Priority List members are also invited to exclusive events. Whether you want to learn more about the moving process or get to know your future neighbors, these events are for you!"

In March, The Grandview held an event for Priority List members to learn more about the community's timeline, so people could plan for their moves as accurately as possible.

"Priority List members have access to Erickson Realty and Moving Services, so we incorporated that into the event as well," says Mishraky. "The program helps members map out a plan, step by step, depending on what they'd like support with--everything from downsizing and organizing to staging your home for a swift and profitable sale."

The event featured more than a dozen preferred vendors--from local real estate agents and senior move managers to estate planners, auctioneers, and companies that can rehome unwanted items.

Rated and recommended

"Our preferred vendors are thoroughly vetted and have worked with future residents at other Erickson Senior Living communities," he notes. "That experience makes a difference!"

Senior move managers are especially popular, as they can visit your current house, measure your furniture, and help you determine what items will work best in your new apartment home.

Mishraky, who utilized these realty and moving services himself, cannot stress enough how easy his move was.  

Firsthand experience

"When I moved to take this position at The Grandview, I used our preferred senior move manager to do everything because I wanted see what the experience was like," he explains. "Boy, was it worth it!"

Mishraky continues, "It saved so much time and energy for us. They took care of the things I wasn't thinking of, organized everything perfectly, and made sure no detail was missed. They were there to support us, which was so reassuring."

He contrasts that experience with a previous move from Baltimore, Md., to Columbia, Md., that he handled all on his own. "My wife was pregnant, so I loaded and unloaded a 15-foot truck by myself. Never again!" he quips.

"Once people learn about all of the services available, they quickly understand the value and are ready to take advantage--especially after living in the same house for 30 or 40 years," Mishraky explains.

"Ensuring a well-planned, streamlined move is just another way that we can be there for incoming residents," he adds.

Educational sessions

Exclusive events also create opportunities for Priority List members to socialize and learn more about each other's interests.

The Grandview partnered with Oasis, a premier community-based organization dedicated to providing programming for active older adults, to offer lifelong learning sessions for Priority List members. Members can attend in person or at home via a Zoom link.

Recent topics have included "Notre Dame: Restoring an Icon," about the restoration of the iconic French cathedral and its storied past, led by an art historian; "Top 10 Off-the-Beaten Path Places in Montgomery County," a presentation on lesser-known places of distinction, led by a local historian; "Hamilton: Man and Musical;" "Election 2024: What Lies Ahead;" and "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Inventor of Sherlock Holmes."

The Grandview is also hosting roundtable discussions, in which Priority List members share why they joined and their experience thus far with people who are considering becoming members.

To learn more about senior living at this vibrant community, request your free brochure to get the scoop on amenities, floor plans, and so much more.