Future Residents of The Grandview Waste No Time Getting Involved

By Gregory J. Alexander
December 21, 2023
Priority List Members of The Grandview, an Erickson Senior Living community under construction in Bethesda, MD, are taking advantage of opportunities to be involved in the local community.

Priority List members at The Grandview, an Erickson Senior Living community under construction in Bethesda, Md., have a wide range of interests in common--from painting and pickleball to quilting and computers.

"They've already started to form clubs around these interests!" says Sales Director George Mishraky. "It's wonderful, seeing friendships blossom before the community is even open."

Giving back to the local community is also a shared endeavor among many members.

"Priority List members are actively engaged in the community, so I am looking forward to tapping into their knowledge and affinities to identify additional ways that The Grandview can get involved with local nonprofits and charities," he adds.

A shared mission

To meet the growing demand for volunteer opportunities, Mishraky supports the Priority List's volunteering club by facilitating events.

"We participated in a blood drive conducted by the Woman's Club of Chevy Chase," he explains. "We hope to work with them to help foster more donations for families in need."

In November, the volunteering club partnered with the sales team to participate in a food drive for a local food bank. Many Priority List members generously donated canned goods.

"Our Priority List members are very dedicated to volunteering in the community," says Mishraky. "Lots of staff members share the same mission, so we are more than happy to help."

Forging a link

Another community initiative that's already in motion is a partnership with Link Generations, a not-for-profit organization that connects high school students with retirees to engage in a variety of intergenerational activities.

"Link Generations' president, Dr. Lori N. Marks, works in the same building as our Sales Center," says Mishraky. "We sat down one day and she told me about Link Generations. I thought it was awesome and a great opportunity for our Priority List members and other future residents."

Walter Johnson High School, not far from The Grandview's Sales Center, has a Link Generations club with about a dozen students.

"Our Priority List members will be connected with those students," he explains. "They'll be sharing their ideas, thoughts, wisdom, and experiences with the next generation, which I think is especially important these days."

Outdoor spaces

Even The Grandview's design will encourage connections with the larger community. The planned Rock Spring Urban Park will include a walking trail circling the campus, a stream, two ponds, and ample mature trees.

"The stream is such a great feature," Mishraky says.

An on-site "urban park," which will be open to the public, will have picnic tables, table tennis tables, outdoor fitness equipment, and a playground for visiting grandchildren. Residents will also be able to participate in yoga classes outside, play on the bocce courts, and take their four-legged friends to the enclosed dog park.

Other outdoor amenities include a pavilion for events and common areas with firepits and chairs to relax.

"The outdoor portions of campus will be well-maintained and secure. The community is being designed with an intentional mix of indoor and outdoor space," says Mishraky.

Priority List members, who receive exclusive updates on construction and invites to informational events, are well aware of these industry-leading amenities.

"If you're interested in learning more about The Grandview and all of the activities that will be available to residents, I suggest joining the Priority List," notes Mishraky. "Plus, there's all these fun clubs to join already!"

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