Staying Well Together at Ashby Ponds

January 6, 2022

"Easy access to a wide variety of fitness and wellness opportunities is a big reason why we chose Ashby Ponds," says resident Jacquie Foote, who moved to the Erickson Senior Living community in Ashburn, Va., in June 2019 with her husband Gordon.

With two on-site, state-of-the-art fitness centers; an aquatics center; beautiful walking paths and trails; an on-site medical center; a pastoral ministries department; and over 200 resident-run clubs, Ashby Ponds perfectly suits residents like the Footes who want to maintain their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Achieving optimal results

“Our wellness team truly cares,” says Wellness Manager Debbie Enright. “We develop wonderful relationships with our residents—we want to see them live their best lives. It is our number one goal to help them maximize independence and achieve optimal physical and mental health.”

Enright and her team work one-on-one with community members to devise a fitness program that meets each person’s unique needs. “We start where a person is comfortable. Then we add and build from there. We want people to be successful—challenged but not defeated,” says Enright.

Gordon appreciates the focus on customizing each workout program. “Ashby Ponds provides programs to guide people at any fitness level,” he says. “Debbie and her staff are ready to jump in and help, beginning with identifying what works best for each person.”

Staying strong

Resident Kimberly Finan experienced this personalized treatment firsthand. “Right before moving in, I went to physical therapy and learned exercises that would help my [lower back and leg] pain. Since moving to Ashby Ponds seven years ago, those issues have not reoccurred because of my regular participation in group exercise classes.”

Kimberly also credits the fitness staff’s attentive approach. “During classes, they’ll caution folks about pushing beyond their limits or using poor form that may cause injury. As people advance, the staff will challenge them to new levels of a previous exercise.”

Something for everyone

For those who prefer to socialize while staying active, Ashby Ponds boasts a wide variety of clubs and activities that promote wellness.

“I participate in the biweekly water volleyball games and the Ashby Ponds ‘Summer Olympics,’” says Kimberly. “The water volleyball games are not so much athletic as they are laughter therapy.” 

Gordon and Jacquie also enjoy water volleyball, as well as long walks—even in the winter, thanks to the covered walkways, says Jacquie.

Plus, the activity helps their social lives. “We’ve met many new friends at the fitness center,” says Gordon.

Health care on site

Community members also appreciate Ashby Ponds’ on-site medical center, which is staffed by full-time, board-certified physicians; nurse practitioners; social workers; and a podiatrist.

“Our phenomenal team of health care professionals is committed to providing our community members with the ability to maintain the highest level of health and independence,” says medical director Shaveta Kotwal, M.D. “We develop wonderful relationships with our residents, enabling us to spot any potential problems early on.”

Ashby Ponds residents are welcome to keep their current physicians and utilize the center for flu shots, strep tests, and urgent care as needed.

Time to do it all

Rounding out the array of wellness offerings, the Ashby Ponds pastoral ministries staff help foster spiritual wellness through worship opportunities within different faith and religious traditions.

On Tuesdays, Father Daniel Velez-Rivera from St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church in Leesburg offers the Holy Eucharist. In addition, a series of Bible Studies, interfaith services, Catholic masses, Jewish services, and mindfulness and relaxation classes are available each week.

“We believe that when residents share their diverse beliefs, it creates a community that reflects purpose and compassion,” says Community Resources Manager Faith Edwards.

Looking forward to embracing the New Year, Ashby Ponds community members are well equipped to make personal wellness their priority. And with the time they gain from a maintenance-free lifestyle, residents are able to lead a fulfilling life and pursue passions and interests.

“Gordon and I are grateful we made the decision to move to Ashby Ponds,” says Jacquie. “We are looking forward to another healthy and happy year.”

Ready to take a look at the endless wellness amenities offered? Schedule a virtual or in-person visit to Ashby Ponds.