Enjoying Retirement to The Fullest at Ashby Ponds

April 27, 2022

For the last ten years, Lynn and Jack Muety lived in a single- family house in Bethany Beach, Del. "Our three children loved our big house at the beach," says Lynn.

"But Jack and I always knew that one day, we would move to an Erickson Senior Living community. My parents lived at Erickson's first community, Charlestown, and I was very impressed with the life they enjoyed there."

A gift to many

Last July, the couple's prediction came true when they moved to Ashby Ponds, an Erickson Senior Living community in Ashburn, Va.

"Our move to Ashby Ponds has given our children great peace of mind - in the same way that my parents' move to Charlestown did for me," recalls Lynn. "They know that everything we could ever need, or want, is right outside our door."

Making connections

"We chose Ashby Ponds because we wanted to move to a community that was still adding new buildings," says Lynn, noting that they wanted to move in among a lot of other new neighbors. "From our first visit, we were drawn to the social aspect of the community. It was just incredible how friendly everyone was. It was important to us to find a home where we could easily meet new people."

And their requirement was met because almost immediately after their move, the couple began meeting neighbors and making friends.

"We moved into Ashby Ponds' newest residential building, Hamilton Way, and it was a great decision," says Lynn. "I liked that we were all moving in at the same time and are all very close in age. I'm a very social person. I like to say that 'I don't know a stranger.' So, from day one, I made it a point to introduce myself."

Getting involved

Soon enough, the Muetys were joining in on community life by participating in a variety of campus activities.

"For ten years prior to our move, Jack played bocce ball," says Lynn. "He loves the fact that we have an outdoor bocce ball court here, so he decided to form an Ashby Ponds bocce ball team. It became a great way to meet new people. As soon as we said hello, we asked if they were interested in playing bocce. We quickly formed a 10-person team."

Lynn followed suit by starting a mah-jongg group. The couple also began visiting the fitness and aquatics center - right around the corner - in Ashby Ponds' newest clubhouse.

"The fitness center's location was an unexpected yet very pleasant surprise," explains Lynn. "We didn't realize how wonderful that convenience would be. In the mornings, Jack goes down the hall for a workout. We love all the instructors and trainers. They are young, vivacious, and beyond tremendous."

Resident ambassadors

Thrilled with their new life at Ashby Ponds, the Muetys recently became resident ambassadors and members of the welcoming committee to share it, first-hand, with others.

"We enjoy answering questions and sharing our experiences with people currently in the decision-making process," says Lynn. "As members of the welcoming committee, we offer to take new residents to dinner once they are settled."

Good enough for family

The Signature Dining experience, says Lynn, is something she vividly remembers from her parents' time at Charlestown. "Dinners were always wonderful social gatherings. Jack and I are very lucky to have eight restaurants to choose from each night at Ashby Ponds." Now, dinner is a highlight of each and every day.

Recently, Lynn met a fellow resident whose parents also lived in Charlestown - and in the same residential building as well.

"That really stuck with me," she says. "It speaks so well to what Erickson Senior Living provides. People who are intimately familiar with the lifestyle, because of their parents' experience, are choosing the same lifestyle for themselves. I remember attending luncheons and events with my parents. I made the decision, way back then, that when Jack and I moved, we would do so when we were young enough to take advantage of all the amenities."

With several of her friends now also living at Ashby Ponds, Lynn says her biggest piece of advice for those on the fence is to join the priority list.

"I learned that Ashby Ponds' newest buildings are selling out almost exclusively to priority list members. Plus, there is so much flexibility," adds Lynn, pointing to the fully refundable $1,000 reservation fee. "There is nothing to lose and everything to gain."

With their first full summer at Ashby Ponds quickly approaching, Lynn and Jack are eager to continue making friends and exploring new activities.

"The demand for Ashby Ponds is great because it provides more, in our opinion, than other communities," says Lynn. "We are so lucky and grateful. Every day is exciting - a new adventure."

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