Ashby Ponds Lifestyle Lets Freedom Ring

By Kelly Shue
June 22, 2021

Ashby Ponds, an Erickson Senior Living-managed community in Ashburn, Va., empowers community members to live their lives to the fullest. The maintenance-free lifestyle provides residents the time to invest in both new activities and favorite hobbies, while amenities, activities, and clubs support healthy social networking. Ashby Ponds residents also take the opportunity to engage in activities outside the community, including traveling and volunteering. 

“There is no one word that adequately answers what I love the most about living at Ashby Ponds,” says Cecelia Lazzaro. “The best I can say is—it is the overall feeling! I love the harmony of the combined efforts of all, the residents and the management team.” 

Worry-free living

For Ashby Ponds residents, eliminating the hassles associated with homeownership frees up valuable time to enjoy new adventures and explore hobbies and interests. 

“My husband Phil and I chose Ashby Ponds for several reasons, including the beauty of Northern Virginia, proximity to an international airport, and opportunities to participate in many activities,” says Joanne Horton, a community member. “We gained a carefree lifestyle that allows us to travel more frequently without worrying about house and yard maintenance, not to mention the cost.” 

Taking advantage of activities 

Without the worry of caring and maintaining a house, Ashby Ponds community members invest their time in a wide range of clubs and activities. 

“My husband Bill and I love that Ashby Ponds offers 175 clubs to choose from to join,” says Alicia Sommers. “We appreciate the vitality that comes from having so many activities to choose from. We also love the Great Oak Performing Arts theatre and the numerous parties and entertainment events. When the weather is good, we love taking walks around Ashby Ponds’ 132 acres. This time of year, we frequently see beautiful herons, ducks, and various birds.” 

Community members enjoy a host of popular outdoor activities, including the walking club, horseshoes, and the gardening club. In fact, last summer, the gardening club was so popular that additional gardening areas were added to meet the growing demand. 

“Now is a special period in our lives, when it’s possible to discover the benefits and beauty of what it means to age well,” says Mary Alice Babka, a community member who moved to Ashby Ponds with her husband Frank in 2016. “The many available facilities, restaurants, wellness centers, theater, medical center, friendly staff and residents, limitless clubs and classes, etc., all contribute to assuring that our years here will be good ones, with a series of new beginnings we never dreamed could have happened.” 

Enjoying the world around them 

For Ashby Ponds residents, life flourishes not only at Ashby Ponds, but in a variety of ways off campus as well. 

“The majority of residents remain active, in some part, within the greater community,” says Faith Edwards, Ashby Ponds community resource manager. “Whether it is volunteering, attending local church services, visiting friends and family, or traveling the world, they enjoy the freedom to do it all.” 

For community members Lloyd and Elaine Ulrich, the ease and security of traveling while living at Ashby Ponds is a huge bonus. 

“Shortly after our 2019 move, we went on a bus trip to Vermont with members of our church,” says Elaine. “Then for Thanksgiving, we drove to Marietta, Ga., to be with our daughter. We are very happy at Ashby Ponds.” 

Neighbor Raoul Drapeau, an avid hiker and member of the Northern Virginia Midweek Hikers group, enjoys frequent visits to the Shenandoah Mountains where he has logged thousands of hiking miles. “I’ve met many wonderful people and even helped one of my fellow hikers make the decision to move to Ashby Ponds,” says Raoul. “I enjoy the fresh air, exercise, and great conversation.” 

Word of mouth 

Thanks to the worry-free environment, range of amenities, and freedom to enjoy the best life has to offer, demand for the Ashby Ponds lifestyle is at an all-time high. To meet that need, this summer, Ashby Ponds celebrated the opening of its newest residential building—Hamilton Way

“I encourage anyone interested in learning more about a future at Ashby Ponds, to call and schedule either an in-person or virtual visit,” says Director of Sales Holly Henderson. “Our sales team is committed to helping prospective residents make a decision that it right for them. And there is never any pressure—just a terrific opportunity to find out more about Ashby Ponds.” 

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