Ashby Ponds Is 'A Great Deal' For Mark Humphrey

June 12, 2024

Mark Humphrey was quite familiar with Ashby Ponds, the Erickson Senior Living community in Ashburn, Va., before he began his retirement living research. 

"I'm a retired Loudoun County employee, so I know the Ashburn area well," he says. "And when I was the Senior Trips Program Coordinator at a condo community in Ashburn Village, I often visited Ashby Ponds to promote our trips. I attended the Activities Fair and Holiday Bazaar in the past as well."

He also had the inside scoop from residents, as he knew at least 30 retirees who'd moved to the community.

"Clearly, I knew a lot about Ashby Ponds," he jokes, "but I wanted to learn more about what it would be like to live there--more specifically, what it would look like financially."

After breaking down the cost, Mark was pleasantly surprised. "Not only did Ashby Ponds make sense financially, but it provided many additional benefits over living in a condo!" 

Since moving to the community in November 2021, Mark finds it easier to budget his hard-earned savings and live an active lifestyle with tons of amenities and activities right outside his door. 

Predictable costs

Ashby Ponds' pricing structure is made up of two components: the 90% refundable entrance deposit* and the monthly service package.

The 90% refundable entrance deposit, which is used to secure your desired apartment home, goes back to you or your beneficiaries, if or when you leave the community. The monthly service package bundles all utilities, home telephone, appliance repair and replacement, a meal plan at on-site restaurants, and regularly scheduled transportation into one predictable cost. 

"When I added up my long list of expenses--condo fees, HOA fee, real estate taxes, gas, electric, sewer--and compared the price to the monthly service package, it was a great deal," he says. 

Mark and his neighbors have happily waved goodbye to seasonal maintenance like lawn care and snow removal as well. 

"I realized I would no longer have any yard work--something I didn't like to do anyway!" says Mark. "I could also give up shoveling snow and no longer have to worry about home maintenance. Living at Ashby Ponds is carefree living."

More outside your door

Already impressed with Ashby Ponds' pricing, convenient access to activities and amenities made the decision even easier. 

"I wanted to move sooner than later so I had time to settle in, meet new people, and involve myself in life at Ashby Ponds," he says. "I maintain many ties in the greater community, but now, I'm involved in campus activities as well."

In the local area, Mark continues to participate in community theater and coordinate a senior activity group, organizing monthly meetings, activities, day trips, and long-distance excursions.

He also flexes his acting skills as a member of the Ashby Ponds Drama Club, where he recently coproduced the community's production of Oklahoma! Mark also volunteers with the community's trips committee and plays a variety of card games on campus. 

"One of the best parts of living at Ashby Ponds is the friendly people," he says. "Residents always greet you with a smile. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved with as many people as you wish."

Tom Channon, executive director of Ashby Ponds, notes that residents see their investment put to work every day through the vibrant amenities and activities available. 

"Ashby Ponds continues to look for ways to add value for our residents," he says. "We take resident feedback seriously. If they're eager to bring new services to the community, we do what we can using economies of scale, capital investment, and existing resources." 

'A great decision'

For Mark and his daughter Erin, Ashby Ponds' dedicated staff and high-quality care really added to the community's value as well. 

"When you start to think about your personal safety, it's worth a whole lot more than most things," he notes. "Living at Ashby Ponds, I know that there is always someone here to check on me." 

He continues, "Erin lives 40 minutes away. My move means that she no longer needs to worry about me or my care, and that really takes the pressure off her, providing us both with peace of mind regarding the future. When I take into account everything I knew, everything I've learned, and all that I enjoy, moving to Ashby Ponds was a great decision."

Invest in your future self at Ashby Ponds. From top-notch amenities to affordable, maintenance-free apartment homes, you are sure to live your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!

*As per the Residence and Care Agreement.