At Ashby Ponds, the Commitment to Excellence Is Clear

By Kelly Shue
May 11, 2021

With one of the highest occupancy rates for continuing care communities in the nation, Ashby Ponds, an Erickson Senior Living community in Ashburn, Va., consistently goes above and beyond in meeting - and exceeding - the needs of residents. Community members enjoy a distinct level of service that's demonstrated every day by dedicated staff members, a vast array of amenities and activities, and exceptional on-site health care. 

“Every interaction is an opportunity to make a positive difference in residents' lives,” says Executive Director Will Nance. “Creating value for our residents comes first by understanding their needs and expectations and then doing everything possible to exceed those expectations.” 

You've got a friend 

Each day, Ashby Ponds staff members go above and beyond to create a distinct level of customer service that enables residents to live their lives to the fullest. “The staff are our heroes,” says community member Lyn Lubic. “Over the last year, it has been amazing the way the staff stepped up to do so many things that they have never done before. I wouldn't want to be living anywhere else but right here at Ashby Ponds.” 

Neighbor Jan Welsh-Roe agrees. “There are endless people who work at Ashby that qualify for gold stars and to narrow it down to one is impossible,” she says. “However, there is a young man named Marlon, who works in the Robin's Nest Café. He is one of the nicest, most friendly people I have ever met anywhere, not just Ashby Ponds. He learns the names of all the residents he meets, always greeting us by name and always with a smile and upbeat attitude. He lifts the spirits of all who are around him.”

High level of service 

Since moving to Ashby Ponds with her husband Bill in 2017, community member Alicia Sommers also raves to friends about the high level of service and dedication she's witnessed firsthand. 

“Eating, cooking, and dining are important parts of our lives,” she says. “Since moving to Ashby Ponds, we enjoy dining in the 1912 restaurant. When a kitchen tour was offered, I jumped at the opportunity to join a small group tour led by Chef Louis Violetta. The tour was an outstanding example of how the Ashby Ponds staff reaches out to residents to share a behind-the-scenes look at kitchen operations. Kudos to Chef Louis and the 1912 kitchen staff.”

In late spring, Ashby Ponds opens Blue Ridge Clubhouse, the community's third clubhouse, featuring even more top-notch amenities, including a second, state-of-the-art fitness center; a wine bar; rooftop terrace; day spa; and bistro. This summer, Hamilton Way, Ashby Ponds newest residential building, will open featuring 146 new homes. 

Ashby Ponds residents also enjoy access to the Erickson Health Medical Group, the largest and most integrated health and wellness system in the senior housing industry. This system includes the onsite medical center, continuing care community, and many medical specialists.

“I like to say that we are, in essence, a small-town practice with the huge support system of the greater Erickson Senior Living community behind us,” says Ashby Ponds medical director Tom Morris, D.O. “We develop wonderful relationships with our residents and this enables us to spot potential problems early.” 

Early vaccine access 

Proving that commitment, 98% of Ashby Ponds community members received the COVID-19 vaccine by early March through a variety of well-orchestrated vaccine clinics, held at the on-site CVS. To celebrate the vaccine milestone, Ashby Ponds held a fireworks show on March 8. 

“Since the onset of the pandemic, our team has worked diligently with residents, their families, and public health officials to help safeguard the well-being of everyone who calls Ashby Ponds home,” says Nance. “I'm thrilled that so many of our residents now have an additional level of protection against COVID-19. For all of us, the vaccines serve as the beginning of a joyful and steady return to normalcy.”

If you'd like to learn more about the commitment to excellence at Ashby Ponds, request a brochure or schedule a visit!