Windsor Run Residents Enjoy “Above-and-Beyond” Experience

By Kelly Shue
May 11, 2021

The dedication and commitment of staff members—and the unmatched service they provide—is the hallmark of life at Windsor Run, an Erickson Senior Living community in Matthews, N.C. The unprecedented events of the last year not only tested, but strengthened, the bonds between staff and the residents they serve. These relationships, coupled with premier amenities and services, make Windsor Run the most sought-after community in the area. 

Expressing appreciation

“I admire and appreciate all that [executive director] George Comfort and staff did, and continue to do, to protect our ‘island,'” says community member John Gray. “When I think of all the logistical, communications, staffing, and other management decisions made in totally new, uncertain, and constantly changing circumstances, I am in awe. I applaud the commitment to all of us and to the Erickson mission.”

Comfort is grateful for the recognition of his hard-working team. “It is the heart of our mission—we share our gifts to create communities that celebrate life,” he says. “Each and every day I witness our staff members dedicating their time and engaging their resources for the betterment of our larger community. Every interaction is an opportunity to make a positive difference, while creating memorable experiences, in our resident's lives.” 

Last year, Windsor Run staff members went the extra mile in ensuring residents continued to enjoy the same level of experience they'd come to expect. “Words cannot really express my appreciation for the entire staff, before COVID-19, and now,” says community member Linda Haigh. “George Comfort's leadership exemplifies the highest quality of professionalism and the staff truly exhibit the Erickson Principle daily.” 

On average, Erickson Senior Living communities like Windsor Run, boast one employee to every three residents. The community's team of professionals are always available to support residents' needs, providing both peace of mind and excellent service. Recognizing Windsor Run's outstanding service and innovative approach to care, last year the community was named the Best Retirement Community in the 2020 Reader's Choice Awards presented by South Charlotte Lifestyle magazine. 

Early vaccine access 

In early February, Windsor Run management and staff exemplified their commitment to safety when 97% of residents were successfully vaccinated. 

“The plan to vaccinate residents was one of the most organized and thought-out procedures that I have ever attended,” says a community member who received the vaccine. “I can only imagine the thought and planning that went into making it such a success. [The staff] deserves our deep appreciation for making it so easy for us to get our shots.” 

Neighbors Patty and Allen Roberts agree. “What a great process,” they say. “The vaccine event was well organized and ran very smoothly. Kudos to the staff for their planning and organizing. We were impressed with everyone who left their traditional jobs, picking up a new role for the day, with a big smile and a great attitude.” 

Community members, energized by the support received over the last year, proudly share their experience with friends and neighbors. As a result, the sales team is witnessing an unprecedented increase in demand for the Windsor Run lifestyle. This summer, White Oak Terrace, the newest residential building, will open in an effort to meet these demands. 

Welcoming more residents 

“We are continually told that, while quarantining alone in their homes, many people began to reevaluate their retirement needs,” says Sales Director Ryan Barkley. “We've seen a substantial increase in resident referrals. As residents connect with friends, they share just how safe life is at Windsor Run and the many efforts taken to keep our community engaged and happy.” 

To learn more about Windsor Run's culture of excellence, request a free brochure or schedule a visit!