'Why We Chose a Vibrant Retirement at Windsor Run'

By Kelly Shue
April 11, 2024
Residents of Windsor Run in Matthews, North Carolina find value and social connections at the Erickson Senior Living community.

Everyone has their own story when it comes to the choices they make for retirement. But one thing that residents at Windsor Run, an Erickson Senior Living community in Matthews, N.C., have in common is the desire to experience a vibrant, engaging lifestyle supported by a robust offering of amenities, resources, and services.

Since moving to Windsor Run, Allan "Al" and Constance "Connie" Rogers have made the most of their new lifestyle.

"Every morning, we walk over to the pool--without even having to go outside, thanks to the covered walkways," says Connie. "With more free time, we're able to focus on the activities and hobbies we enjoy, like swimming!"

Recently, the Tribune sat down with Al and Connie to learn more about what motivated them to make the move and how their lives have changed for the better.

Tribune: Why did you decide to move to Windsor Run?

Connie: My mom was living in a three-story house, and it became very difficult for her to manage as she aged--and she refused to move. I swore that I would never do that to our family. When our house was no longer meeting our needs, Al and I began discussing our future.

Al: We looked at other retirement communities, but Windsor Run was an easy choice for us. We liked the new construction and we were also very impressed with the sales team. They couldn't have been more helpful, and their sincerity really resonated with us.

Tribune: Did you take advantage of Windsor Run's realty and moving services?

Connie: Yes. Andrea Fitzgibbons, Windsor Run's planning and moving consultant, came out to our condo and helped us plan for our new apartment home. She was fabulous! We were pleasantly surprised with what we could bring with us, including my favorite chaise lounge.

Al: Let me tell you, Windsor Run introduced us to the right people. We connected with one of their recommended real estate agents, and he was phenomenal. He's the best we've ever worked with! We did everything he suggested, and as a result, our house sold in 20 minutes--for more than we asked for. We cannot say enough about how well our move was facilitated. There was lots of communication throughout the entire process, and the moving and downsizing seminars were terrific.

Tribune: What's it like living at Windsor Run?

Connie: Living at Windsor Run is like being on a cruise ship--there are a million things available to you, or you can relax and just enjoy your surroundings! In addition to swimming, I'm taking the time to discover where I can make the most positive contribution to our new community. We also really appreciate all of the dining options here. The food is fabulous and there are always lots of choices.

Al: One of the things we've had to get used to is having someone else take care of things for us. The fact that you can contact General Services at any hour of the day and someone will come to take care of things--even for something as simple as replacing a lightbulb--is wonderful. Since I'm not addressing repairs, I have more time to paint and play the guitar. For the holidays, I played Christmas carols in the lobby area. I've also joined the Woodchucks, the woodworking group on campus.

Tribune:  Is it easy to meet people?

Connie: Yes! We are very social people, so we like reaching out to neighbors and making friends. For example, a few weeks after our move, we hosted a Christmas "open house" for our entire building. We made sure to include everyone. Like everything about our move to Windsor Run, the party exceeded our expectations.

Al: All of the residents here are delightful. Connie and I liked that Windsor Run is a diverse community. Our neighbors have interesting backgrounds and stories, so we appreciate the many opportunities to get to know them better.

Tribune: What does your family think about your move?

Connie: When we were researching retirement communities, we were both relatively healthy, and we still are. But we understand that can change. Knowing that additional levels of care are here--if or when we need them--is reassuring. Our daughter told us that our move to Windsor Run provides peace of mind, and that is exactly what we wanted!

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