New Year Inspires Pursuit of Health & Well-Being at Windsor Run

By Kelly Shue
January 13, 2022

The New Year is a great time to reflect on whether you're doing all you can to maintain your physical health as well as your mental and spiritual well-being. Living at Windsor Run, the Erickson Senior Living community in Matthews, N.C., makes it easy to stay fit, engaged, and relaxed; with a fitness center, walking paths and trails, clubs and activities, an on-site medical center staffed by experienced providers, pastoral care options, and more. 

“I am so grateful for the opportunities available to me at Windsor Run,” says resident Claire Maret. “I’m like a kid in a candy store! I am able to exercise, eat well, and socialize—all the things that shape a well-rounded individual.” 

At the heart of Windsor Run’s well-being options is the fitness center, staffed with a trained, top-notch wellness team.

“It’s never too late to start an exercise program, no matter your age or physical condition,” says Wellness Manager Timothy Dean. “At Windsor Run, we start everyone off slowly, ensuring that no one works out in a way that causes injury. And in doing so, we help create habits that are aimed at achieving unique and personal wellness goals.”

Maintaining long-term fitness

Windsor Run resident Louis Pfeiffer began working out in the fitness center shortly after his 2019 move. 

“Prior to our move, I belonged to Planet Fitness—a fitness center with several locations in Charlotte—for over ten years,” he says. “During that time, I worked out individually, and I thought that I would continue my membership there after I moved to Windsor Run.”

But Louis soon discovered that he didn’t need to pay for a gym membership. “I spent most of my workout on the recumbent bike, and I can continue that here at Windsor Run,” he says. 

Fun together

Living at Windsor Run provides residents with the opportunity to work on their well-being goals in the company of others. Friends and neighbors often attend popular group fitness classes together—anything from stretching and flexibility movements to aqua aerobics and yoga.

“Without a doubt, socialization is what residents find most enjoyable about our group exercise classes,” says Dean. “And the best part is that participants, in addition to having fun, are meeting their health and well-being goals at the same time.”

“There is a great variety of classes,” says Claire. “My favorites are aqua aerobics, resistance, and core workouts.” Claire also likes meeting friends for long walks, seated volleyball, and table tennis, which, she says, “are great for increasing coordination and practicing reaction time. It’s a good group of people.”

Well-being in many forms

Windsor Run residents also participate in a variety of other programs designed to support personal well-being, including nutrition/diet guidance and activity-based clubs and sports.

Windsor Run’s walking club is a favorite among residents. “The Windsor Run campus is beautiful, providing the perfect backdrop for daily walks, which is an activity that many of our residents enjoy,” says Dean, who leads the walks. 

“Exercising is critical,” agrees resident Janet Yaroma. “I really enjoy walking around our campus, and I’m very impressed with the number of fellow residents who walk daily.” 

Windsor Run’s on-site medical center is another facet of the wellness options available to residents. The center is staffed with two board-certified physicians, and a licensed clinical social worker—all of whom are immediately available to community members. 

“Our phenomenal team of health care professionals is committed to providing our community members with the ability to maintain the highest level of function and independence,” says Medical Director Geralyn Campi, M.D. “We develop wonderful relationships with our residents, enabling us to spot potential problems early on.”

Windsor Run residents appreciate having the option to continue with their current primary care physicians, while still utilizing the on-site center for flu shots, strep tests, and urgent care if needed. 

Time to do it all

Windsor Run also helps foster spiritual wellness through worship opportunities within different faith and religious traditions. Louis, a retired minister, leads his neighbors in Tuesday evening Vespers each week, sharing scripture-based messages of encouragement and hope.

Other spiritual offerings include a mindfulness meditation group every Wednesday morning; a Bible study group, led by Pastor Justin Roper from Charlotte Awake; and Sunday Catholic Communion.

“As with everything we do at Windsor Run, our goal is to meet the unique needs of our community members, and that includes honoring their faith traditions and spirituality,” says Community Resources Manager Maria Reyes. 

As we enter into the New Year, Windsor Run residents are well equipped to make personal wellness their priority. And thanks to the Erickson Senior Living worry-free lifestyle, community members have time to explore many opportunities, allowing them to live life to the fullest. 

“I am very grateful I made the decision to move to Windsor Run,” says Claire. “I have found not only everything I need for a healthy life, but more than I even imagined.”

To learn more about the abundant fitness and wellness opportunities, schedule a virtual or in-person visit.