Enjoying Their Best Lives at Windsor Run

Written by Kelly Shue
November 18, 2020

In 2008, Al and Joyce Dembowski moved from their native New Jersey to a new home in Sun City, South Carolina. Two years ago, when friends moved to Windsor Run, an Erickson Living-managed community, the couple began considering their options.
"They were very happy with their decision and shared their experience with us," says Joyce. "Al and I decided to visit for an [informational] luncheon. Although we were not quite ready to move at the time, we liked what we saw and joined the priority list. We thought that the timing of the next residential building, Beech Hollow, would be best for us." 

On April 2, 2020, the couple moved to their new Windsor Run home. And despite the physical distancing safety measures in place due to COVID-19, the couple enjoyed a smooth, stressfree move and began immediately taking advantage of their new life. Now, looking forward to their first Christmas in their new home, the Dembowskis admit that the joy they feel for their new life is even more than they expected. 

"Everyone is so friendly and welcoming," says Joyce. "We are meeting more friends than we imagined. Windsor Run is the best place for us to be." 

Careful planning 

In less than two years, the Dembowskis went from being Windsor Run visitors to two of the newest community members. 

"Prior to our move, we visited a number of other communities," says Joyce. "It was clear very quickly that Windsor Run offered a lot more in terms of amenities, services, and the apartment homes are beautiful. Some of the places we visited had very small kitchens. I liked that Windsor Run has full-sized appliances. They are there if you want them, even if you don't always need them." 

Pleased with their research, the couple consulted their three children before finalizing their decision. 

"They had previously expressed some concern about our future plans," says Joyce. "Our two daughters, Karen and Diane live in New Jersey, and our son Alex and daughter-in-law Ashley live nearby in Waxhaw, N.C. All of them encouraged us and were supportive throughout the process." 

With precautions in place to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19, the Dembowskis safely moved into their new Windsor Run home with the help of family and dedicated staff. 

"No one wanted us to be in contact with the movers, or anyone else we didn't know," says Joyce. "Our safety was Windsor Run's number one concern. Our children stepped in and helped with packing and settling us in. The day after our move, we were all set up and ready for this new adventure." 

Ray of light 

Even given social distancing measures, the couple found ways to meet new friends, and reap the benefits provided by Windsor Run's staff. "We adjusted very well and very quickly," says Joyce. "All of our needs were met. The staff did an excellent job delivering outstanding meals and keeping us entertained. If we had stayed in Sun City, we would not have had the same experience."

As the couple were able, they met their neighbors and stayed connected through a variety of creative outlets such as the daily God Bless America sing-a-longs, hand-delivered holiday treats such as flowers on Mother's Day, and bingo on Windsor Run's television station. 

Early this fall, Joyce and Al enjoyed a private dinner with other residents who moved to Windsor Run during the quarantine. 

"It was such a nice treat and a great way to meet neighbors in the same situation," says Joyce. "And now, since the phased reopening, we are meeting new people every day. Everyone is warm, friendly, and welcoming. We wear 'new resident' badges that get us a lot of attention. Many people stop us and say hi."

In addition, with visitors now allowed back on campus, the couple enjoys hosting friends from their old neighborhood in Sun City. 

"As soon as we could, we did," says Joyce. "We are so happy and we want to show off our new home. We are proud of Windsor Run and proud of what we've done." 

To learn more about the vibrant and engaged retirement lifestyle at Windsor Run, request more information today.