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It's Never Too Early to Start Making a Plan for Your Future Move

By Kara Wells, Riderwood Personal Moving Consultant
July 5, 2022
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First lady Eleanor Roosevelt once remarked, "It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." This sentiment rings especially true for those dreaming of a stress-free retirement. As the personal moving consultant for Riderwood, an Erickson Senior Living Community in Silver Spring, Md., I meet with people every day who know that - eventually, whether several months or several years down the line - they plan on moving to a retirement community.

The best piece of advice I give reiterates Mrs. Roosevelt's sentiments. Plan, plan, plan - and the sooner the better. From my years of experience in the industry, I also learned that the more informed people are, the more they can prepare for their exciting new future while maintaining control of their time frame in the process.

Erickson Senior Living's prospective residents gain access to professional planning consultants, who help create step-by-step moving plans tailored to their needs.

Having these plans in place not only provides peace of mind, but helps our members envision what the process looks like from start to finish. Once armed with a plan, you can begin taking steps - big or small - toward your move, as you are ready to ensure that when the time comes, you are well prepared and your transition is not only stress-free, but enjoyable!

Consider these five steps when creating a moving plan:

1. Complimentary home visit & floor planning

The first step in preparing for a future move to an Erickson Senior Living community is scheduling a home visit with an experienced personal moving consultant. This is an exciting meeting for everyone, as it allows the consultant to get to know you and how you use your current living space.

If you've already selected a floor plan, this is a great time to see how your furniture and décor will fit into your new apartment home. The personal moving consultant can also make recommendations for the most functional layout, paving the way for a comprehensive move plan.

2. Downsizing

Once you determine what will fit comfortably in your new apartment home, it's time to identify items you may no longer need. Your personal moving consultant will share a variety of resources and trusted partners - such as donation sites, sale by auction, and estate sales - to help you find new homes for these cherished items. These efforts will foster a fresh start in your new apartment home.

This is also the time when you can be introduced to a preferred senior move management (SMM) company, which provides support by physically sorting, organizing, and taking away items through a series of hands-on downsizing sessions. Our designated senior move managers are patient and professional, recognizing that planning a move can be an emotional process for many.

3. Home sale

After completing the downsizing stage, you will be introduced to one of Erickson Senior Living's preferred real estate agents. These real estate agents are not only experts in their designated market, but have years of experience working with prospective residents.

At this time, I always recommend a complimentary market analysis, to inform important decisions, such as when to put your home on the market to reap the most value, identifying a realistic listing price, and highlighting the need for any renovations or repairs. This way, when the time comes to make a move, you have already made great progress.

4. Choosing your new apartment home

If you haven't already, now is the time to finalize your apartment home selection. Throughout the process, your personal moving consultant stays in constant contact with your preferred real estate agent and senior move manager, managing the entire process so you can rest easy. This ensures that your home sale and downsizing process are all on the same page, facilitating a seamless transition that's perfectly aligned with your move-in time frame.

5. Moving with ease

With your supportive team in place, the move itself is easy, allowing you to get right to enjoying the rewarding lifestyle awaiting you! Your senior move manager, who has accompanied you on this journey, is prepared to help you pack, move, unpack, and settle into your new apartment home. On your move-in day, they will unpack items to replicate specific areas of your previous living space - make the bed, put dishes away, and hang artwork - all so quickly so you can feel more at home.

Throughout the entire moving process, we will be there every step of the way! Ultimately, we want you to feel supported as you make the transition to your vibrant community. By allowing us to take some of the weight off your shoulders, you are able to fully immerse yourself in your exciting, new life - even before you get the keys to your new apartment home.

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