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Is Grocery Delivery Worth the Cost?

By Michele Harris
April 8, 2024
woman happily looking at full grocery bag

Sometimes, you just can't get to the store to buy groceries. That's when having groceries delivered to your door is worth every penny! But is grocery delivery worthwhile on a regular basis? 

That might depend on where you live, which local stores offer delivery, and what service you select. Here, we break down the top three grocery delivery services in the country: Amazon Fresh, Instacart, and Walmart+ InHome. 

Amazon Fresh

Amazon has recently expanded its grocery delivery service, offering customers in over 3,500 cities and towns across the U.S. the convenience of two-hour grocery delivery from both Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market.

Amazon will deliver grocery orders totaling $100 or more for free to Amazon Prime members. Orders totaling less than $50 will include a $9.95 delivery fee. 

For non-Prime members, Amazon grocery delivery costs $7.95 for orders over $100, $10.95 for orders of $50-$100, and $13.95 for orders under $50.

Walmart+ InHome 

Walmart+ InHome membership is $12.95/month or $98/year. There are no additional delivery fees, and because Walmart+ InHome delivery associates earn an hourly wage, they do not accept tips, making Walmart+ InHome an excellent deal.


If you like your meat from one store and your produce from another, Instacart might be the right option for you, since you can place one order that includes items from multiple stores. The basic delivery price is $4, plus a service fee. Instacart+ membership is $10/month or $99/year, and members get free delivery on orders over $35.

(Note: Instacart has a dedicated Senior Support Service line, 1-844-981-3433, to help get you started.)

What you need to know

There are some things to consider about grocery delivery--regardless of what service you choose. First, you will almost certainly pay more per item for delivered groceries. For example, Instacart offers 4 lbs. of Domino sugar from a major grocer in Maryland for $5.49. It costs $4.69 at the store. 

Also, the supply chain being what it is these days, you're likely to receive a text message from your shopper alerting you that something on your list is unavailable. You can take that item off your list or choose a shopper-suggested substitute.

While delivery services try hard to get things right, problems can arise. If you receive something you are unhappy with, contact the service as soon as you discover the problem. In most cases, they are good about offering refunds. 

Having groceries delivered is super convenient! Although it does cost extra, the time and effort saved is worth it for many people.