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When, Where, How: Breaking Down The Senior Living Decision

By Michele Harris
November 29, 2023
Linden Ponds residents Bob and Jan Calzini

When it comes to making the move to senior living, when and where do you begin? How do you decide, and what needs to happen to make the plan a reality? 

Holly Henderson, vice president of regional sales for Erickson Senior Living, has helped thousands of retirees establish timelines for their senior living moves--by keeping the bigger picture in mind. 

"When most people think about retirement planning, they think about their financial future, and too often, it stops there. It's important to ask, 'How will you use those finances to give yourself the best possible lifestyle as you grow older?'" says Henderson. "In other words, it's time to stop doing the things you have to do and start doing the things you want to do."

Questions to consider

Considering the why, when, and where of a move is a great way to break the moving process down into smaller steps. 

"That way, when you complete one step, you can seamlessly move on to the next, confident that you're making progress," says Henderson. 

Here are some questions to guide you in your senior living decision:

  • Why do you want to move? Would you like more activities and socialization? Are you looking for convenient health care that will support your needs over time?
  • When do you want to move? Is it better to move sooner, so you can enjoy everything your new home will offer?
  • Where will you move? Do you want to be closer to family? Is there a "feeling of community" you're seeking? 

"Once you've generally answered these questions, research some senior living options and see what appeals to you," recommends Henderson. "Look at websites, request brochures, attend informational gatherings, and take some tours." 

Seeking an active lifestyle

That kind of research led Don and Pat Romano to Lantern Hill, an Erickson Senior Living community in New Providence, N.J. They found the location ideal and realized that their primary goals--having more free time to pursue activities and having plenty of activities to choose from--were easily satisfied by Lantern Hill. 

To learn more, the Romanos joined Lantern Hill's Priority List, an exclusive program that offers members a range of benefits, including the opportunity to stay overnight in the Live the Life suite.

"We stayed two nights in a completely furnished apartment home stocked with coffee, breakfast items, and treats," says Don. 

During their first day at Lantern Hill, Don and Pat took part in a chimes concert, bocce, and a current events discussion. Pat participated in a mat Pilates class, while Don tried some exercise machines at the fitness center.

"The first night, we had dinner at Bistro 1720 with two couples who are current residents," says Don.

On the second day, the Romanos enjoyed lunch at Chef's Table, one of the community's restaurants, before strolling along the community's walking trails and ending the night with a happy hour.

Now, as current residents, Don and Pat look back on their fun--and educational--stay fondly. 

"Everyone we spoke with answered all of our questions!" says Don, who is glad that their exploration led them to Lantern Hill. 

On your time

Cape Cod, Mass., natives Bob and Jan Calzini were looking for a coastal retirement community with an abundance of on-site amenities and activities when they found Linden Ponds, an Erickson Senior Living community in Hingham, Mass.

Bob and Jan, who both served as educators with the Department of Defense Schools overseas, knew how important it was to be prepared. 

"And, perhaps as a result of my doctorate work, I do a lot of research before making a decision," says Bob with a laugh. 

So, like the Romanos, they joined the Priority List and spent a night in the community's Live the Life suite.

"We saw the pool, the fitness center, the on-campus CVS Pharmacy®, and the library," adds Bob. "It was clear that there is so much to do."

With their decision to move to Linden Ponds confirmed by their stay, the Calzinis only had one question remaining: When? Once they began working with Lynne Ford, Linden Ponds' planning and moving consultant, everything fell into place. 

"She was a miracle to us," says Bob. "She came over with a diagram of the apartment home we selected and showed us how we could arrange our furniture. Her expert knowledge helped us make accurate decisions, and it all worked out just as planned. It was the right decision at the right time!" 

'Here to support you'

"Moving to senior living looks different for everyone," says Henderson. "Sometimes, people think they will have to move right after they start looking, but the reality is that everyone has their own timeline." 

She continues, "Some people want to move now while others are looking further ahead to the future. We are here to support you as an individual--whatever your needs and timeframe are!"

Request a brochure to learn more about answering the when, where, and how of your move to an Erickson Senior Living community.