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Sarah Kokinos Discusses Diversity in Senior Living With WebMD

April 25, 2024
Sarah Kokinos Discusses Diversity in Senior Living With WebMD

In a recent report, WebMD, a leading health information platform, looked at the role of diversity in senior living communities. As the generation of older adults continues to grow with the baby boomers, it is also growing increasingly diverse. When exploring senior living options, many are specifically seeking out communities where they feel welcome and comfortable to bring their true, authentic selves. 

Sarah Kokinos, vice president, community living, shared what Erickson Senior Living is doing to address this demand and prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) across its national network of communities. 

For example, Kokinos says, DEIB measures might include:

  • Expanding the dining menu to include foods that represent residents’ cultural background
  • Creating an inclusive listening culture to give people with a hearing disability the ability to participate socially
  • Hosting educational events where residents share their backgrounds and life stories
  • Adding the Pride flag on marketing materials to signal a commitment to inclusion

Efforts like this have made the difference for Erickson Senior Living residents like LJ Ingram and her wife, who live at Riderwood in Silver Spring, Maryland. 

“As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I’m able to stay true to myself at Riderwood,” Ingram says. “There are several groups on campus that prioritize inclusion and belonging. We feel comfortable to be who we are, knowing everyone is welcome and accepted.”

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