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Reasons To Be Optimistic In 2024

November 29, 2023
Alan Butler, CEO of Erickson Senior Living

A new year brings opportunities to grow, make a fresh start, or enjoy new possibilities! It provides reason for optimism and confidence. 

As Erickson Senior Living continues to grow and deliver an engaged lifestyle to more seniors across the country, this feeling is shared by residents of its communities across the country.

The Tribune recently spoke with Alan Butler, chief executive officer of Erickson Senior Living, to preview 2024 and learn why he sees such a bright future for those who live and work at our communities.

Q: What are you looking forward to most in 2024?

A: This year, I am looking forward to working with our incredible team to bring the Erickson Senior Living lifestyle to more seniors across the country. As I visit communities throughout the year, I am reminded of how our high-quality amenities, wide range of services, and caring, dedicated employees help residents make the most of their retirement years. I'm excited for even more seniors to enjoy this experience for themselves.

In 2024, we are excited to be opening Woodleigh Chase, a new community in Fairfax, Va., and continuing development on The Grandview in Bethesda, Md., and Emerson Lakes in Lakewood Ranch, Fla. Plans for additional communities across the country are also underway.

We will continue to expand and enhance our amenities for residents at existing communities this year, too. It has been gratifying to see how residents have enjoyed new programming added at their individual communities--upgraded fitness centers, more comprehensive health and well-being offerings, and outdoor spaces like meditation gardens and pickleball courts, to name just a few. 

Why am I optimistic? We are an industry leader, we are committed to providing a vibrant retirement lifestyle for seniors, and we want to help as many people as possible enjoy these same opportunities.

Q: Are there are any challenges you expect to face this year?

A: With the uncertainties of inflation and other economic issues, it is a priority for Erickson Senior Living to clearly articulate the value we offer to current and prospective residents. 

Our unique value begins with an industry-leading financial model, which streamlines expenses and helps residents trade costly house maintenance and repairs for a worry-free, engaging lifestyle. 

Many seniors are also attracted by the built-in support systems our communities have, whether it's thoughtful neighbors and staff close at hand, or access to levels of health care right on campus. 

Often, it's all those factors, which combine to provide them with the day-to-day satisfaction of enjoying a high quality of life with easy access to friends and activities.

Innovation and adaptability will be important priorities for our organization in 2024. The new residents we welcome to our communities will have different needs and preferences from those who moved in even a few years ago. Exceeding their expectations is our primary objective, from providing a diverse menu of freshly cooked, healthy meal options to offering convenient technology that enhances their lives to investing in our health and well-being programs and services. 

Our teams are inspired to make life at an Erickson Senior Living community a pleasure for residents.

Q: How will Erickson Senior Living meet those challenges? 

A: By staying true to our mission, vision, and values. Developing and maintaining strong relationships is a hallmark of success, and I am incredibly proud of how employees bring their best to each interaction with residents they serve. Our team's proven experience and passion for what they do, I believe, are differentiators in the senior living industry.

We will also continue to prioritize the social connections and sense of community that residents experience on our campuses, as opposed to the isolation that many seniors encounter living alone in their houses. 

It is rewarding to see residents making friends, traveling, dining, and attending special events--together. 

Our residents receive the best in on-site health and well-being services, conveniently located in their community. From personal experience with my own family at Oak Crest, an Erickson Senior Living community, I can tell you that these medical services provide peace of mind not just to the residents but to their loved ones as well.

Q: Why is 2024 the year to move to an Erickson Senior Living community?

A: Erickson Senior Living is well-positioned to take advantage of new opportunities in the coming year and all of us here look forward to the future with confidence and enthusiasm. The company's financial strength, expertise, and caring culture provide us with a strong foundation to continue building upon.

Our experienced, professional teams make it easier to move into Erickson Senior Living communities than ever. From moving and realty services to custom interiors, we offer stylish finishes and innovative floor plans to suit any lifestyle and budget. 

If you haven't seen one of our communities, I'd encourage you to visit. It's the ideal time to take advantage of all that we have to offer and enjoy a relaxing retirement with friends and freedom.

Find an Erickson Senior Living community near you and learn more about pursuing your retirement living dreams in 2024!