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Maris Grove Resident Olympians Honored for Bringing Home Medals in Delaware County Senior Games

July 21, 2014

GLEN MILLS, PA - Maris Grove isn't just your grandmother or grandfather's retirement community. It's a thriving campus of medal-winning athletes! There were a total of 25 medals won by 17 residents at the Delaware County Senior games held last month.

Earlier today, United States Congressman Patrick Meehan came to Maris Grove to honor some of these stellar Olympians and try his hand at some billiards techniques with the help of Women's Singles Billiards Champ Betty Lynch.
The congressman presented nine of the athletes with an official Congressional Citation for their achievements.
"I was very surprised to receive the recognition by the congressman, but extremely honored," said Maris Grove resident and table tennis winner Alvin Jacobs. "It was great to meet him (Congressman Meehan) and get together with the fellow participants from the games."
"We are very proud of all of our resident-athletes who participated in the recent Delaware County Senior Games," said Maris Grove Executive Director Maureen Heckler. "We have such a vibrant community- filled with residents who stay very active, whether volunteering their time and talents to help our neighbors and friends, or participating in many of the clubs and activities we have here on campus. I especially thank our friend Congressman Meehan for coming out to meet with our residents."
The following is a list of the Maris Grove residents and the medals they received for the various games:
Men's Long Jump (80-84 Year-Old Division):                       William Brower (Gold)
Men's Long Jump (85-Year-Old and Over Division):            Tom Rice (Gold)
Men's Softball Throw (80-84 Year-Old Division):                William Brower (Gold)
Men's Softball Throw (85-89 Year-Old Division):                Eugene Soltner (Gold)

                                                                       Tom Rice (Silver)

 Women's Softball Throw (80-84 Year Old Division):           Dolores Rice (Gold)
Men's Football Throw (80-84 Year-Old Division):                William Brower (Silver)
Men's Football Throw (85-89 Year-Old Division):                Eugene Soltner (Gold)
Women's Football Throw (80-84 Year-Old Division):           Dolores Rice (Gold)
Men's 800 Meter Walk (80 Years + Division):                       William Brower (Bronze)
Women's 400 Meter Walk (80-84 Year-Old Division):         Dolores Rice (Gold)
Men's 100 Meter Run (85 Years + Division):                        Tom Rice (Gold)
Men's Table Tennis (Singles 80-85 Year-Old Division):        Alvin Jacobs (Silver)
Men's Doubles Billiards:                                                        Sol Mayer
Women's Singles Billiards:                                                     Betty Lynch (Gold)

                                                                                  Carol Paintin (Silver)

                                                                                    Joan Petrak (Bronze)

Women's Doubles Billiards:                                                   Joan Barksdale/Alva                                                                                                  Holcombe (Bronze)

                                                                                                 Martha McCauley/Betty Lynch

 9 Hole Golf (Men's 75-79 Year-Old Division):                          Frank Colgan (Silver)
9 Hole Golf (Men's 80-84 Year-Old Division):                            Paul Miller (Bronze)
Pickleball (Men's Doubles 85-89 Year-Old Division):                Don Nace
Pickleball (Women's Doubles 75-79 Year-Old Division):          Alva Holcombe (Silver)
Maris Grove is home to 182 different clubs, groups and activities.
About Maris Grove:  Maris Grove is one of 17 continuing care retirement communities managed by Erickson Living. The scenic 87 acre campus is located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and is home to approximately 1,500 residents. Maris Grove is a perfect greater Delaware County destination offering a true sense of community, convenience beyond compare and a sensible financial structure.

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