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Making The Move to Vibrant Senior Living

By Michele Harris
April 8, 2024
woman painting

When it comes to your retirement living options, finding the right fit is essential. 

Some seniors, tired of maintaining a house that no longer meets their needs, consider downsizing to an apartment, but rental prices continue to climb. Others look to 55-plus communities, but the amenities can be sparse and neighbors come and go. 

For many, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)--with robust amenities, opportunities to forge lasting friendships, and financial stability--is the best choice. 

According to a recent study conducted by Edge Research in partnership with Erickson Senior Living, almost 90% of Baby Boomers prefer CCRCs over other senior living options. 

These communities offer a compelling array of benefits such as fresh, delicious dining options, state-of-the-art fitness centers with invigorating wellness programs, and countless clubs and activities. With predictable costs that provide incredible value, they also offer peace of mind. 

And because medical centers and continuing care services are right on campus, CCRC residents feel secure and supported--no matter if their needs change over time. 

'So much to choose from'

Impressed by the industry-leading amenities available at Devonshire, an Erickson Senior Living community at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., Faith and Harvey Spitz moved to the CCRC in the spring of 2023.

"We've really enjoyed life at Devonshire since day one," says Faith. "Our goal is to take advantage of anything and everything that interests us. From exercise and sports groups to music, art, and entertainment, there is so much to choose from that will benefit our well-being." 

The Spitzes are always looking for opportunities to stay active. Faith is a regular at the fitness center, participating in balance, stretch, weightlifting, and Zumba classes. Harvey signs up for various sports and activities, especially golf and pickleball. 

"He's a great athlete who's very involved at the indoor pickleball court," says Faith. "He also goes to the fitness center and uses the exercise machines. He never did that before moving to Devonshire!" 

Optimal well-being

A recent study by Mather Institute, a research organization focused on issues that impact seniors, found that CCRC residents reported better health and higher levels of physical activity than those in the greater community. 

At Devonshire, Fitness Coordinator Remy Harwood works hard to offer a range of classes and help community members reach their goals. "Community members really take charge of their health and well-being," she says. "I'm simply here to provide the resources or motivation they need!"

CCRC residents also reported higher participation in intellectual activities than their peers in the local community. Since moving to Devonshire, Faith and Harvey have kept their minds as active as their bodies. 

Harvey writes a monthly trivia column for the Devonshire Chronicle, the community's resident newsletter, and the couple enjoys attending on-campus lectures hosted by Florida Atlantic University (FAU). They also make room in their busy schedules for longtime hobbies.

"Prior to our move, we belonged to a painting club and loved it," says Faith. "When we moved to Devonshire, we asked about a club for painters--especially those who like to paint in a social setting. Although a club did not yet exist, staff members were wonderful in helping us get one started. They asked us what we needed, providing everything from a room with a sink to clean brushes." 

She continues, "All set and ready to go, we sent out flyers and spread the word! Now, the painting club meets every Thursday afternoon and is open to any community member who wants to join."

Peace of mind

Staying mentally and physically engaged helps the couple thrive, but nothing beats the peace of mind they get from living in a community that will support them and their needs for years to come. 

"We recently visited Chatsworth, Devonshire's continuing care neighborhood. It's lovely," explains Faith. "Although we may never need that level of care, we are happy knowing it's there. We consider ourselves so very lucky to live in a community like Devonshire." 

Living in a community with the right balance of independence and support goes a long way in creating a rewarding retirement. Take control of your future, just like the Spitzes, by making a move to a CCRC! Find an Erickson Senior Living community near you to learn more.