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Erickson Senior Living’s Dr. Julia Shiner Featured in the Washington Business Journal

November 20, 2023
Dr. Julia Shiner Featured in the Washington Business Journal

The Washington Business Journal recently reported on the critical issue of burnout among healthcare employees. According to a 2021 American Medical Association study, 63% of healthcare workers reported symptoms of burnout. Dr. Julia Shiner, vice president and medical director of employee health and well-being at Erickson Senior Living, was interviewed about the best ways to help combat burnout and support employees. In the article, she describes the more than 1,400 annual well-being visits conducted by Erickson Senior Living’s on-site Employee Health and Well-Being Clinics. 

“During these visits, there is always a discussion of stress and social impacts on health, including how to get support and better manage that stress. ‘This approach includes an awareness of the mind-body connection and the powerful impact that stress can have on the overall health and well-being of employees,’ she said. ‘We recognize the powerful stressors that some employees might be facing outside of work, and at our well-being centers, we have created a unique opportunity for each employee to participate in an annual well-being visit with our [nurse practitioners].’”

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