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Erickson Senior Living’s Close-Knit Communities Attract Savvy Seniors

September 21, 2020

New residents join friends and family in active, vibrant retirement living

As the developer and manager of 20 senior living communities across the country, Erickson Living knows that when it comes to a healthy retirement lifestyle, meaningful relationships make all the difference.

In a recent interview, Tom Neubauer, the Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Communications, explained how the unique connections on campus enhance the resident experience and encourage other seniors to become part of their supportive communities. Read on to learn more.

Q: How does the sense of community on campus improve a resident's retirement lifestyle?

A: It's everything, really. When prospective residents are planning a move to one of our campuses, there are many practical, tangible things to consider, from apartment floor plans to available amenities. But residents who have been members of our communities for some time will tell you that the best part of living on campus isn't the modern fitness center or delicious variety of dining options, it's the friendships they've developed with their neighbors and staff and the community they've built.

In fact, recent studies on aging show that older adults living in active communities experience better health and wellness than their peers living in home-based settings, due in large part to the abundance of opportunities for social interaction.

At Erickson Living, we see this every day and take a proactive approach to help our residents live better lives. Every aspect is designed to empower seniors to live longer, more independent, healthy, and vibrant lives. At any one of our communities, residents have hundreds of peers to appreciate and learn from, dozens of groups to join, and multiple causes to support.

Q: Tell us a bit more about some of the connections at Erickson Living communities.

A: One of the most exciting parts of life on our campuses is making new connections and uncovering old ones! We have many examples of long-time friends moving in together. After years of building careers and raising families, they are thrilled to be able to share their new retirement lifestyle with each other, and have fun doing so.

We also see groups of new residents moving in from the same neighborhood, excited to share the next chapter of their lives with dear friends. In some cases, we even have second generations of the same family moving in, which is really special.

And many times, residents enjoy discovering that someone from their extended social network, such as a former colleague or a friend from school who they haven't seen in years, also happens to live on campus, and it's wonderful to see these relationships renewed and continue to grow.

Q: Do these stories play a valuable role in the sales process?

A: Yes, for more than 37 years, we have learned that priority list members and customers love to hear from the people who know best: those who live at our communities. We've seen it at sales events, during conversations in the hallways, and on phone calls. People want to hear what life at an Erickson Living community is all about and pose questions that are foremost on their minds. It can be anything from "how's the food" to "which clubs do you enjoy." With their unique perspective, our residents are THE experts to provide the answers.

Residents love to help, and accordingly, they volunteer to serve as sales ambassadors, lead a tour before a luncheon, open their apartment homes to visitors, or serve as panelists during presentations.

This year, our residents have been eager to assist welcoming new neighbors, whether it's hosting a virtual wine tasting with priority list members or allowing sales team members to take video of their homes so customers can see a similar floor plan or design style. As an organization, it speaks volumes to the quality of life offered and the strong relationships we cherish between residents and employees. 

Q: What should residents do if they know someone who would value more information about their community?

A: Times like this remind us how important it is to be part of a strong community. It's wonderful when residents can share their personal experiences and spread the word about how vibrant and engaging life at our campuses can be.

So if a resident has a friend, family member or former neighbor who could benefit from life at an Erickson Living campus, we'd encourage them to reach out to their local sales office. Our team members are experienced in senior living and the steps involved in making the move from a house to a community. They are well-positioned to answer questions, offer tours, and serve as a friendly voice to those who decide to move.

Q: Why is now an ideal time to move to an Erickson Living community?

A: We have welcomed hundreds of new neighbors to our communities in recent months. New residents have told us their decision to move in 2020 has provided them with the best of both worlds: the convenience and value of quality services at their fingertips coupled with a close-knit network of support and friendship.

Many were eager to leave the burdens of home maintenance and, especially recently, the isolation of living alone before another winter season arrives. These forward-thinking residents made the proactive decision to continue living independently, but with all the benefits of being part of a larger, supportive community.

Erickson Living's popular realty and moving services program also offers resources to help prospective customers enjoy seamless moves into our communities. Led by our personal moving consultants, we provide assistance with downsizing, staging, and home selling and make moving day a smooth experience.

There's never been a better time to move to an Erickson Living-managed community. If you're interested in learning more about the Erickson Living lifestyle, please visit

About Erickson Living: Erickson Living is a nation-leading developer and manager of continuing care retirement communities. More than 27,000 residents, supported by a team of 15,000-plus employees, reside at Erickson Living managed communities in 11 states, the majority of which are supported by National Senior Campuses, Inc., a not-for-profit governing board that provides financial and operational oversight for the residents.