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Creating Exceptional Experiences for Residents

May 2, 2024
COO Gregg Colon

At Erickson Senior Living, ensuring that residents have everything they need to live their best lives is a mission we all take great pride in fulfilling. Responsible financial and operational stewardship provides the foundation, while making every interaction a positive experience for residents with dedication and care is how we keep our promise to provide the best service in the industry.

We recently spoke with Gregg Colon, the new chief operating officer of Erickson Senior Living. Since joining the company in 2012, Gregg has played an integral leadership role in nearly every aspect of operations and resident life, from health care to dining, as well as evolving the mission, vision, and values that guide the business. 

Q: What makes Erickson Senior Living communities different than other options?

A: I believe it begins with the social connections fostered by the small-town atmosphere in our communities. When I travel across the country, it is so rewarding to see residents joining a new club, taking a day trip to visit area attractions, or having dinner at one of our campus restaurants. 

This environment makes it so easy to meet new people and deepen connections with treasured friends and neighbors. We recognize how these bonds contribute to overall good health and well-being.

We want to offer a compelling alternative for seniors who feel isolated or overwhelmed in their houses. At our communities, whether it's outdoor dining or a scenic walking trail, the vast array of amenities are perfect for a group, a couple, or by yourself; whatever you prefer at any given time. This freedom makes a big difference in residents' lives.

Q: How does our culture benefit those who live and work at our communities?

A: Our vision is to be the most trusted and respected leader in the senior living industry, but how we achieve that is what makes a difference.

Our culture is centered on meaningful relationships. Taking time to really know each other creates a true sense of community--among residents and employees alike, since we know that happy and fulfilled team members create a positive environment for everyone.

Creating a vibrant lifestyle and work environment, making health and well-being a priority, and providing financial stability and benefits are promises we make to residents and team members. Senior living will always be about the people, and it is important to us that everyone who lives and works at our communities feels fully invested in our culture. 

Q: What kind of experience can new residents expect when they move to Erickson Senior Living communities?

A: When a resident moves to one of our communities, we want them to feel that a new door in their life has opened! The benefits of moving, from making new friends to having a range of clubs and groups to join, are immense. Not to mention eliminating the cost and hassle of maintaining a large house that no longer meets your needs.

We want residents to feel comfortable being their authentic selves. Seeking and celebrating diversity makes our communities and our organization stronger, and we pledge to create an environment where everyone has a sense of belonging.

Q: What's next for Erickson Senior Living and its communities?

A: This is an exciting time for our communities across the country! We are adding new amenities that focus on one of our key brand promises to residents--enhancing health and well-being. Based on what residents in each community prefer, this could mean a meditation park, an expanded walking trail, or an outdoor pickleball court with covered seating for spectators. 

We have also upgraded many of our fitness centers with new equipment that takes advantage of technology, making it more convenient for residents to achieve their personal health goals.

This year, we opened a new community--Woodleigh Chase--in Fairfax, Virginia, so we're excited to meet the demand and bring our lifestyle to a new group of seniors. Additional communities, including The Grandview in Bethesda, Md., and Emerson Lakes in Lakewood Ranch, Fla., are under construction, with more to come.

Find an Erickson Senior Living community near you to schedule a tour. This is a wonderful time of year to tour our beautiful campuses and meet with residents to hear what makes their community special to them!